Saturday, November 10, 2012

Minnie Mouse Ears

I thought I would share the Minnie Mouse headband that I made for Ireland's Mickey Mouse day at school last week.

I followed the pattern exactly...for the ears and bow.  You can find it here at All About Ami. The only change was with the headband. I did not crochet around the band. I used a black band and just sewed the ears right to it. I used a narrow band, but the weight of the ears would work better with a wider band.

The ears really are circles. The left ear above was touched or mashed a little making it look a little bit wonky.

Don't you love all of the boxes in the background? They are everywhere. I tried to crop them out of the pictures. That leads me into the whole house buying/ moving ordeal. It truly has been an ordeal. 

This is not our first time buying. The first time was so easy. This time has been no where near as easy. Our original closing date has come and gone (around October 15th). There were a few minor issues with the inspections that have been fixed...except for the not so minor Radon fix. We then had to extend the contract. Now we are just waiting on the lender to rewrite the loan and then set a new closing date. They are super slow. I just hope we can move at least a couple of weeks before Christmas. 

Michael is going crazy (and tempted to go lender shopping again) and I'm tired of all of the boxes. I've had to unpack my winter clothes. I am beginning to lose my patience. While we wait, at least I can occupy my mind with more crochet projects. Maybe I can finish the ripple in time to use on our new couch:)

I'll keep you updated:)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sp flippin' cute!! Great job Momma!

    And sorry about the moving craziness...that does not sound fun at all!!!

  2. I would definitely make cat ears for myself an wear them...>__> haha Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and have tagged it for an award:

  3. Big bummer about the move, it shouldn't be that hard should it? Love the Mickey Mouse ears, you are the best Mom in the world.