Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday Tallies...A Day Late

I intended to blog about my One A Day project yesterday...but I came home from work after dark. So I'll blame daylight savings time for being late with this post

This is my One A Day project inspired by Carole over at Gingerbread Girl. I only made 5 squares this week and crocheted only one row on my ripple. I did start a new Hello Kitty Hat for Ireland.

Tonight I am making a Minnie Mouse headband for Ireland. Tomorrow is Mickey Mouse day at school, so she needs something related to Mickey or Minnie to wear. She asked me to crochet a Minnie Mouse dress...yeah right. A headband is all I have time to make.

I'm off for now. I need to link up at Gingerbread Girl and get started on the Minnie/Mickey ears.

Have a great week:)


  1. It sounds like you have enough to do. :)
    Have a nice Thursday.

  2. I bet the headband will be adorable! Love how your blanket is coming along.

    And seriously...the lighting is terrible this week. Between getting dark early and gloomy weather, I haven't been able to take any pics!

    1. Thanks Heather,

      I don't like getting home from work after dark. Winter is on it's way...uuuggh. Oh well, I guess I can take my pics on the weekends:D

  3. Your blanket looks beautiful so far! I love how you are posting your progress often! I don't share my WIPs enough! ♥ Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Love your blanket! I am making one that is almost identical at the moment. Loving how quickly those little grannies work up!

    Have a great week hon.

    1. Thanks Leah,
      They do work up helps with motivation.
      Have a great weekend,