Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lazy Day

I love to be lazy on the weekends. I have to force myself to clean and be productive on my days off. This is what we're doing...

We decided to break out the instant camera and play around with it. Ireland loves it, but the film is so expensive...I don't let her go wild with it.

I love instant gratification and this camera is pretty cool. I just hate the price of the film. We played around with it for a little while taking pictures of my blankets and each other.

Smashing is another reason I bought the camera. I'm loving these books. I have two and they are so much fun. 

I like to introduce Ireland to new things and she is learning to write her name and other words. I thought journaling would be a good thing to do with her. She always tries to crochet and gets frustrated because she just can't get it...yet;)

So junk journals or smashbooks are perfect for us to do together. She brings artwork home everyday and I decided to show her how to make journal pages with her drawings. 

Her journal is homemade, but she wants one like mine...only because it comes with a pen and glue

I think I'll spend the rest of the day working on this page of us being goofy.

I may do a row or two on my ripple...or a couple of squares for the patchwork

Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah...I have a little giveaway to get ready for, so I'm finishing up on that too. Come back soon to see what you can win:D


  1. You two are so cute I can't stand it! You are a wonderful Mom.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Love her journal and your pics together are super cute! My daughter found an empty sketchbook she had hidden away and now is working her little heart out filling it with numbers and letters and paintings. Love that!

  3. aww that is so cool. Your blankets are looking nice:)