Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pretty Azalea Knitted Hat

I saw the yarn for this hat at the store and loved the color. I knew I wanted a hat. When I made it, my little one saw it and said, "oh...pretty... thank you mommy." She automatically assumes that every thing I crochet or knit is for her. And that's ok. Of course I couldn't say 'That's my hat." It's too big for her, but she still likes it. She looks crazy, happy in the photo below...how could I take it away from her? So now I'll just go get another skein of the yarn.

A couple of you requested the instructions for this hat so I thought I would write it down. I think I am an in-between knitter...meaning I do not knit loose or tight. The size is perfect for my head. I would say that this is a small adult size. The next one I make I will add about 4 stitches.

1 skein extra chunky 6 weight yarn (I used Lion Brand Hometown in Phoenix Azalea)
Size 13 knitting needles (I used straight needles b/c I had no size 13 circular)
yarn needle

large child or small adult head

Note: A couple of the decrease rows may not end perfectly with a decrease, just follow the instructions and work remaining sts evenly


Cast on 40

K2, P2 for 5 rows

Work stockinette stitch for 9 rows

Decrease row (K4, K2tog) across

P the next row

K the next row

P next row

Decrease row (K2, K2tog) across

P the next row

Decrease next row (K1, K2tog) across

Decrease row (P2tog) across ending with 10sts
cut the yarn, leaving at least 12 to 18 inches. Pull end through the remaining 10sts and pull tightly to close.

Use the mattress stitch to sew the side seam.

I am making another one of these hats now... I think I will cast on 44 and add a couple more rows or rounds of the ribbing, so I will edit and correct these instructions as I go.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inspiring Colorful Stripey Projects

I really need to stop browsing Ravelry. I have an order for a cowl, two pairs of fingerless mitts, and two hats to finish. All orders for other people...not to mention my ripple blanket that I have not touched in about a week. Oh yeah... my new pattern in progress...and I'm looking at other projects.

I think you'll understand. When I saw this bag, I was so in love, inspired, and motivated to make one. It is so gorgeous. Just look how colorful and bright this is. You can find the free pattern here. The one in the photo is from a wonderful knitter/crocheter. I found her on Ravelry and her projects are so beautiful. Her Caracas bag is just awesome. I really want to find the time to make one for me.

I could use my leftovers from my ripple to make this bag.

This hat below is designed by Julia Vaconsin. I love her designs. I've made almost all of them. This one is next. Of course, this will be for Ireland....since I haven't made her a hat for this year...yet. I love the great color combo used in this pattern. The pattern includes photos for a boy and a girl hat. I will definitely be making this soon...since I just purchased the pattern here.

This sweater is from Susan B. Anderson. Isn't it great? She did an amazing job with this... I am so jealous. Another wonderful color combo. Since this is a knitted sweater, I am so intimidated. I don't know if I could do this. But I might just try. You can find the free pattern here. She also has plenty of other free patterns. Check out her Happily Ever After stripey mitts and hat. They are so pretty.

All of these designers/crafters really amaze and inspire me. I love seeing what others can create.

This is what I have been working on. I know...it is a little rough looking...especially after seeing all of these other amazing projects. Don't laugh. Well, go ahead, I don't mind:)

It is a knitted hat that only took me a couple hours to make. I love it... one of those fun, instant gratification projects.

When I saw the yarn in the store I knew I wanted a hat. I have been wanting a pink hat for myself, and now I have one. I think it is Lion Brand yarn. Super Chunky. If anyone would like the pattern written out just comment and let me know. I'm getting a little better at my knitting....I think!? Maybe not. I need to try cables or something more exciting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Effortless Cowl

No, this is not my PIP. I am posting this cowl pattern by request. This is a wonderful cowl for beginners...or anyone who loves plushy and soft crochet projects:)
I made this cowl a year ago and put it in my Etsy shop. Of course I kept the one in the photo and wore it a couple of times last winter. Sometimes I get comments on Etsy asking how to make it. I have never written a pattern down for this cowl because it is too simple to write down. It really can't be called a real pattern... i don't know...it just seen too basic to call a pattern.

I figured there were patterns out there already for something like this, so I never even considered writing it down. Well, someone messaged me again asking how to make it so I decided to go ahead and post it here.

This cowl is so simple. It is the most basic cowl you can make. These instructions are great for anyone...especially beginners. It is a mindless creation...meaning it takes literally no brainpower. I am a tv junkie. I love to sit and veg out in front of the tv at night, after the little one goes to bed. Of course, I am always crocheting (or trying to knit) while watching tv. So if you're like me...you will love this. You can mindlessly make this in a matter of minutes or an hour or so.

Like I said before...it is so basic and simple...so here you go

Note: I try to include the most accessible yarns in my patterns. I love being able to buy yarn at major stores that we all shop at. Of course, I love my local yarn shop and shop there more than anywhere else, but for many people, the major chain store is the most accessible.

3 skeins of super bulky yarn I used 6 weight like Lion Brand Hometown or the Thick and Quick.
Size M crochet hook
yarn needle

Not that important with this type of project

Note: Crochet loosely. I'm getting messages and comments about the size. If you crochet tightly, force yourself to loosen up with the tension so the cowl will drape and fit nicely

I like my method of working the starting chain better...Ch 87 and begin working into the ch before joining.

Rnd 1: Working into the back ridges of the chain, place hdc in 3rd chain from hook, hdc in each ch till the end. Join with a sl st to the top of first st.

You will take the starting tail and join to the other side. This method will prevent worrying about twisting the starting chain.

If you choose to go the traditional route...

Ch 87, join with sl st to first ch (careful not to twist the chain)

Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as first st). Hdc in the back ridge of each ch, join with sl st to top of beginning st.

Rnd 2-14: Ch 2, Hdc in each st around. Join with sl st in the first st. Finish off.

I made mine as a continuous round. I did not join each round. This will give you a seamless cowl...but it will be off (not perfectly lined up) at the beginning and ending. (doesn't really show)
If you get bored you can work in the back loops for each st or you can totally change the look of the hdc by working in the ridge on the back of the hdc. This st looks really amazing. I just wish I had a photo of the result of this stitch.

The cowl in the photo below is the same cowl, but I used worsted weight yarn...Patons wool, I believe. The only difference is the number of chains and sts per row and I added a few more rows. I used an I (5.5mm) hook. I gave this cowl away as a gift, so I'm not sure about the number of chains.

So you can do a lot with this basic pattern. You can use bulky yarn for a ultra thick, warm cowl or worsted yarn for a lighter one.

See how easy this is. I can hardly call this a pattern.
Enjoy...my PIP is coming, it really is.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Winner of the November Give Away

Ok. I had eight commenters in this months give away for the fingerless mitts.
Using Random.org we now have a winner.

And the winner is...

AnneMarie!!! Congrats and I hope you enjoy the mitts

So, Anne Marie please send me your address and I will put the mitts in the mail tomorrow, Saturday, or Monday.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

Next month I will also be giving away another finished item, but I'll provide the details in a few days.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ripple Progress

This weekend I have been rippling little by little. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I have a couple of orders for fingerless mitts that I'm trying to finish, so that has taken up most of my time.

But I still added two shades of pink and two shades of purple, with only one trip to the store for yarn. I still don't think I have the lighter purple right. I wanted more of a lavender, but I may leave what I've done so far. Not sure yet... The colors in the photos look a little dull... too lazy to fix them.

As I was getting the camera ready to take the progress shots I looked outside and saw my pansies. They are so pretty right now, and I took a few shots of them...it was like they were telling me to take their picture. I love pansies.

With all of these projects, my PIP (pattern in progress) is coming along much slower than I wanted. It will be a few more days before I will finish it, hopefully :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Give Away

It's that time again.... Give Away time! I may just do one each month...pretty ambitious, huh?

For this one I am not giving away a pattern. It is an actual finished product. Remember the lavender mitts I started a few days ago? for my niece? Well, they are a touch too big for her little bitty hands. She tried them on and didn't say anything, but I thought they looked a little too big. This design is supposed to cling to the hands. Now I am making her another pair.

Anyway, I thought about what I could do with the mitts. They are still too small for a teen, but too large for an 8 or 9 year old. I think they would fit a 10, 11, or 12 year pretty well. They measure 6 inches in circumference and 6 inches long. I do not have any family members that could use these. All of my nieces, and daughter are either to small or too old for these to fit.

I thought about putting them in my Etsy shop. Then decided no...they may not sell. I've had really great weeks and then go weeks without selling anything. Sooooo like I told my sister...

Etsy, Shmetsy... I am WaY more successful at giving things away than I am at selling :) Not good, huh? Oh well... I love to give. It makes me happy.

So if you have a 10-12yr old daughter, niece, sis, or friend:

Just leave me a comment here, Follow my blog and you will be entered to win. In one week I will randomly choose a winner and announce the winner in a new post.

I'll mail these mitts to you... totally free. I'll cover shipping and everything.
I know many of you are great crocheters and or knitters, but with the giving season upon us I thought you may want them to help out with your own giving.

Made by me in a smoke and pet free home.
Only tried on once.

Check back in a week...you could be the winner!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rip Rip Rip

I wanted to show the progress on my ripple blanket.
I added 7 rows: white, green, and yellow
Then I hated it.

I left it lying on the top of a bookcase beside my bed for about 3 days. I kept looking at it thinking about the colors. To me it just didn't feel right. Do you ever have a project that you start and get stuck on because something just doesn't feel right?

Well I decided I did not like the first three colors together. So I ripped, ripped, and ripped. Not rippled.....ripped. I ripped out 11 rows; 4 colors.

I have no problem ripping out rows or rounds on projects. I want my projects to be perfect, and if I feel something is just not right... then I will dwell on it until I can think of a solution...and then it's coming out. Anyone that ever sees me do this will visibly cringe. They will say 'WHat ArE YoU DoInG!?!' I don't cringe. I actually feel better because I know I will redo it again.
So my solution was to go to the store and get more colors. UUUGggh, I tried to use what was in my stash...but that just didn't work. I did not have the perfect colors. Now I think I do. we will see.

I took out a row of the blue (turquoise) and added a lighter blue beside it. I think it looks much better. The original blue and orange really go together better now.

The colors look a little wacky. It is so hard to photograph red and orange. Photoshop helps some. The yellow is not quite as bright as it looks in the photos.
My next colors will be pink and purple. I really hope that I like them. I do not want to buy more yarn. My house can not take much more. It is everywhere... bedroom, living room, purse, closet, bookcase, armoire (?) I'm definitely an OCD crocheter when it comes to color.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Instructions for the Brite Baby Ripple

As I was reading comments this morning I remembered that someone requested the pattern for the baby ripple. So sorry to Heather... please forgive me for taking so long.

I think I mentioned in the original post about giving this blankie away already. Because of this, I will try my best to write it down from memory and from the photos. It is really simple. I can not take credit for the ripple stitch design. You can find the Neat Ripple pattern here.

I am trying to remember the number of chains that I started with, but I'm sorry to say that I can not remember. So I'll use my measurements instead. (Of course, you can make any size you like)

Size G or H crochet hook (if you crochet loosely use the G, tightly use H)
Carons Simply Soft in Pink, Orange, White, and Green (bright shades) I think I used a little over 1 skein of Pink and 1 skein each of the other colors
Yarn needle

32 inches (81 cm) wide
32 inches (81 cm) in height


Starting with Pink, begin the Neat Ripple pattern

The following is directly from Attic 24 blog, but I have translated into US terms

To begin, chain multiples of 14, plus 3 for turning.


1 dc into 4th chain from hook

1 dc into each of next 4 chs



1 dc into each of next 4 chs

*2 dc into next ch

2 dc into next ch

1 dc into each of next 4 chs



1 dc into each of next 4 chs*

Repeat between ** ending last rep with 2 dc into last chain, turn.


ch3, 1 dc into same stitch,

1 dc into each of next 4 sts



1 dc into each of next 4 sts

*2 dc into next st

2 dc into next st

1 dc into each of next 4 sts



1 dc into each of next 4 sts*

Repeat between ** ending last rep with 2 dc into the top chain of the chain-3 from previous row.

Repeat row 2 for length required.

Now follow the color sequence below

3 rows of Pink
2 rows orange
1 row white

3 rows green
2 rows pink
1 row orange

3 rows white
2 rows green
1 row pink

3 rows orange
2 rows white
1 row green

3 rows pink
2 rows orange
1 row white

3 rows green
2 rows pink
1 row orange

3 rows white
2 rows green
1 row pink

3 rows orange
2 rows white
1 row green
3 rows pink

If you have any questions about the ripple part of the pattern, Lucy at Attic24 offers a photo tutorial on her blog. Just click on the link above.

Finish off and weave all of those ends :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Projects

I finally decided to start a new project...well several new projects. I have been wanting to make a colorful ripple all for myself. It seems that every single thing that I make goes to someone else. It is so hard to keep things for myself... I love to give to others in my family all the time. But not this time, I have decided that this ripple is definitely gonna be all mine (probably, definitely :)).

I've been eyeballing this ripple for a while now. It is absolutely gorgeous...I look at it several times a day...that is stalking...i know. I haven't gotten very far, but I know that I will finish it eventually. I've been working on it at night in the bed. I like to watch Tv before bed at night...so now I have a project that I can take to bed with me while watching HGTV. Usually I study my signs (American Sign Language... studying for a year now), but now I'll be working on the ripple. I'll try to update my progress on this weekly

I'm also working on these mitts for my niece. She requested a pair in light purple. I have made several pairs from this pattern and actually kept a pair in black for myself. They are soooo comfortable and rather stretchy for crochet. I found the pattern here on Crochet Me designed by Julia Vaconsin.

These are for a 9 year old so I changed the hook size from an H to an F and used sport weight yarn (Plymouth Baby) instead of worsted.

And Finally... this is a sneak peek of my new PIP (pattern in progress)... I got this mohair blend yarn at my LYS for a great deal and decided to make a garment...I'm not telling what it is yet...I'm hoping to finish in a few days and offer the pattern here for FREE!!! All I can say is, it is not a hat, scarf, mitten, or cowl pattern.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tip: Head and Hat Measurements

After posting the pattern for the Owl Hat I have received numerous comments on here and Ravelry asking how to make one in a larger size. So this has given me the idea to offer a tip on how to help with this dilemma.

I had already given the hat away as a gift so I couldn't expand on the size. I didn't even have the gauge to post. A comment from AbyBay prompted me to search out a chart with hat/ head sizes. AbyBay generously offered to send me a chart that she uses.

The chart does not tell you how many stitches or rounds to crochet but it will give you a general idea about how large you should make the hat.

So now when making a hat, no matter how loosely or tightly you crochet, or how bad you blow the gauge...you can still come up with the right size hat.

I found a great chart here
It is the most detailed chart that I've seen. I think it's my favorite.

I found the chart below on Crochet Geek here, and here it is:


Head Circumference 13" - 14 "

Hat Circumference = 11.5" - 13"

Hat height = 5.5 to 6"

3 to 6 months

Head Circumference: 14" - 17 "

Hat height= 6.5 - 7"

6 to 12 months

Head Circumference: 16" - 19 "

Hat height = 7.5"

Toddler -12 months - 3 years

Hat height = 8"

Head Circumference: 18" to 20 "

Child - 3 - 10 years

Hat height =8.5"

Head Circumference: 19" - 20 1/2"


Hat height 9-10"

Head Circumference: 20 1/2" - 22"

Adult Woman

Head Circumference: 21.5" - 22.5"

Adult Man

Head Circumference: 23" - 24"

Edit: I found another chart here at Woolly Wormhead (mostly about knitted hats) that I am currently using. I really like this one, but the measurements are slightly different from the other one I found. Probably due to the differences in stretch between knit and crochet. Try both and see which you prefer

To Fit





Child or




















Length (crown to base of ear)