Sunday, July 7, 2019

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic

In June we went to the Dominican Republic. We had a great time and returned home alive and well. Warning... this is a photo heavy post

We didn't let the media stories and worried texts from from family and friends prevent us from enjoying our trip

We stayed at the Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus in Bayahibe. The resort was beautiful and the people were so friendly. We've been to several different Caribbean islands and the Dominicans were by far the friendliest. The beaches and water were more beautiful than any other island we've seen. I see why so many people go to the Dominican.

We enjoyed the Star Prestige Beach Club

The grounds and decor are stunning. We were in awe of the beauty of the resort

There are different types of birds to see at the resort

Ireland enjoyed the fish therapy and hair braiding

She made a friend named Chocolate
Dressel Divers Dive shop was located at our resort and we went on the Saona Island excursion

Our boat for the trip to Saona
We snorkeled on the way to the island and spent time on the boat drinking, listening to music and dancing. I really hope Ireland doesn't read this post... she would be mad about the photos

Ireland made a few friends on the boat ride
The beaches of Saona were so beautiful

We had a wonderful time and never felt unsafe. I really hope the DR is not affected negatively by the recent events. Many of the hardworking people depend on tourism to survive and would never hurt any tourist.

On a different note... I bought a new Mac computer! After being without a computer for over a year (or two), I can look forward to blogging again... Using a phone to blog is no fun.

Monday, November 19, 2018

My New Brightech Magnifier Light

I have a new lamp that I’ve been using for a few days. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a craft lamp. I see residents at the facility using them and I keep telling myself they would really help me with my crocheting at night while I’m sitting on the couch watching tv. If you’re like me you can’t use black or dark shades of different colors at night. Normal lighting just doesn’t cut it.

This lamp is from Brightech... and I chose to try the Lightview XL 2 in 1.

It's great for helping me thread needles. When I'm wearing my contacts, my close up vision is terrible. I love the magnifier because it makes threading a needle and painting details on ceramics super easy. I don't have to wear readers at all while using the lamp.

Another great feature is the light adjustment. The arrows can be touched to either brighten or dim the intensity of the light.

My favorite feature is the light. My craft room is really dark. Our house is a little weird. Our downstairs rooms are partially underground, so lighting in the craft room is from five different light bulbs. The lamp produces really nice white light. I don't like to craft in yellow or soft light. I love white light... I'm a light bulb fanatic. When I shop for light bulbs, I will only buy the clear or daylight bulbs, but it's almost impossible to find those. I can't stand the new light bulbs that the world has switched to in the last few years. Everything looks yellow. I don't take photos using light bulbs unless they are clear or daylight. Horrible lighting will ruin a photo. This light is awesome for photos because it doesn't yellow the shots or the objects in the shots. I may even use the lamp to take better photos.

The photos show the craft room with the lights turned off. The lamp produces plenty of bright light even in a dark room.

I have figured out that I like using it as a floor lamp, even though all of my photos show it as a table lamp. It easily converts back and forth. Since I crochet on the couch at night, I'll probably convert it back from the table lamp and sit it on the floor beside my spot on the couch. Now I can work with black or dark shades of yarn with no problem.

If you're in the market for a craft lamp or any other type of lamp, check out Brightech. I'm really happy that I had this opportunity to try one out.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Wow... It’s Been Over A Year

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted anything in over a year and a half. Last year was a truly miserable one. This one has been some better. It’s been busy as usual and I just wasn’t feeling blogging. It has been at the bottom of my list for a long time now. For a long time I didn’t crochet or didn’t interest me at all. I still lead a Girl Scout troop and work full time of that’s taken every ounce of energy I have. Also, my beloved geriatric Sony Vaio laptop crashed. It was my fault because I loaded so much onto that thing. So blogging on my phone (which I’m doing now) didn’t appeal to me at all. Now I feel the need to share again. Recently I started knitting hats after a request from a coworker. That reminded me of how much I needed it. I’m also crocheting Christmas baubles. At work every year our facility holds an awesome two day Christmas craft fair. At first we thought we were going to cancel because we weren’t ready. But instead of canceling, lots of staff and residents are pitching in to create items to sell. So I’m painting a couple ceramic pieces and crocheting the baubles.

I’ve made seven so far with a goal of about twenty. I think I can get them done in time. I used Pinterest to lead me to the patterns. The red, white and green one can be found here. The red, yellow, pink and purple one can be found here. The tiny stocking pattern can be found here

I’ve starting painting these ceramics which were donated to the facility by a resident’s family member. It’s a slow process considering I’m somewhat of a perfectionist. I’m turning the owl into a planter for a succulent or other plant of some kind.

I have to say this post has frustrated me since it’s taken over an hour to do on my phone. Maybe before long I can get a new laptop or iPad to use. 

I hope you all have a happy Sunday. I’ll be back in a few days...since I have plans for another post next Sunday. 

It’s good to be back,

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Carolina Fiber Fest

A few weeks ago, Ireland, Michael and I went to Raleigh for the Carolina Fiber Fest. I've been wanting to go for the past few years, but never made it. It's a semi-small festival, but still offers a good amount of fiber and things to do.

Ireland learned the basics of needle felting

And how to drop spin

Of course there were lots of pretty things to see

I bought some roving for Ireland to spin

and some yarn. It was a good day, and really got me motivated for SAFF. When we got home I booked a hotel in Fletcher, NC (near Asheville) for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair this October. 

I really appreciate all the comments and emails about my brother. It's been a difficult time, but it will get better over time. I'm so grateful for your support and realize that none of us are on an island when it comes to heartache and troubles.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Memorial

I haven't been able to blog or write a blog post in quite awhile now. 2017 has been a rough one so far. Lately, I've thought about writing a post and I keep telling myself I have nothing important to say. Instead of talking about crochet or knitting projects I'm going to get a little personal. This post is going to be a memorial to my brother.

On February 5, 2017 my 34 year old brother tragically left this world. He left behind three children, his girlfriend, our parents, our sister, myself and many other family members and friends.

I love this pic...This sweet face 
It's a struggle everyday. The guilt is tough to deal with (for all of us). Wishing I would've called and been there more. That is the hardest part. All I can hope for is peace of mind for myself and all who are struggling right now. 

Our last photo together
I worry about my mom, and his girlfriend, and my sister the most. Death changes us forever. I hope it will become less raw over time. I work around death on a regular basis, but seeing a loved one so young leave... its just devastating.

I think of the past, happy times and his children.

one of my favorites

He was a music lover, and I can't listen to music very much right now. 

He also loved UNC basketball...that is something we shared. We're both die-hard Carolina fans. I do watch the games and think how happy he would be if they were to go all the way this year. Go Heels!

I just wish he would have seen in himself what all of us could and did. He had so much to offer to this world and the people he left behind.

Depression can be a silent killer. Take part in the lives of those who are struggling. Call more, visit more, and be present. Guilt and regret are heavy burdens to carry for those left behind.