Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Give Away

It's that time again.... Give Away time! I may just do one each month...pretty ambitious, huh?

For this one I am not giving away a pattern. It is an actual finished product. Remember the lavender mitts I started a few days ago? for my niece? Well, they are a touch too big for her little bitty hands. She tried them on and didn't say anything, but I thought they looked a little too big. This design is supposed to cling to the hands. Now I am making her another pair.

Anyway, I thought about what I could do with the mitts. They are still too small for a teen, but too large for an 8 or 9 year old. I think they would fit a 10, 11, or 12 year pretty well. They measure 6 inches in circumference and 6 inches long. I do not have any family members that could use these. All of my nieces, and daughter are either to small or too old for these to fit.

I thought about putting them in my Etsy shop. Then decided no...they may not sell. I've had really great weeks and then go weeks without selling anything. Sooooo like I told my sister...

Etsy, Shmetsy... I am WaY more successful at giving things away than I am at selling :) Not good, huh? Oh well... I love to give. It makes me happy.

So if you have a 10-12yr old daughter, niece, sis, or friend:

Just leave me a comment here, Follow my blog and you will be entered to win. In one week I will randomly choose a winner and announce the winner in a new post.

I'll mail these mitts to you... totally free. I'll cover shipping and everything.
I know many of you are great crocheters and or knitters, but with the giving season upon us I thought you may want them to help out with your own giving.

Made by me in a smoke and pet free home.
Only tried on once.

Check back in a could be the winner!


  1. these are adorable, and a very generous give-away - thanks for the chance!

  2. My 12 yr old daughter saw these and loved them. I am a kntter and a wanna be crocheter. I am really trying to learn this so I can enhance my knitting and crochet a blanket in record time.

  3. How lovely - beautiful color. Love your blog.

  4. My cousin is 10 years old and she would grin from ear to ear

  5. I love your blog and I follow your blog! I am glad there are so many posts!

  6. My my, that IS ambitious! And I give you credit for doing it!! Everyone loves a great giveaway. These are fantastic gloves. Fingerless is always best, especially for me, who needs my fingers when I do photography in the winter!

  7. You're welcome...thanks to all of you. I really love reading your comments. Yes...a monthly Give away is ambitious...but December's is in the works already. It will be a little different.

  8. I would love to give these to my granddaughter !! hoping i win !

  9. I think these are adorable and will probably fit one of my daughters. (They have tiny hands and feet.) Great color choice!