Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inspiring Colorful Stripey Projects

I really need to stop browsing Ravelry. I have an order for a cowl, two pairs of fingerless mitts, and two hats to finish. All orders for other people...not to mention my ripple blanket that I have not touched in about a week. Oh yeah... my new pattern in progress...and I'm looking at other projects.

I think you'll understand. When I saw this bag, I was so in love, inspired, and motivated to make one. It is so gorgeous. Just look how colorful and bright this is. You can find the free pattern here. The one in the photo is from a wonderful knitter/crocheter. I found her on Ravelry and her projects are so beautiful. Her Caracas bag is just awesome. I really want to find the time to make one for me.

I could use my leftovers from my ripple to make this bag.

This hat below is designed by Julia Vaconsin. I love her designs. I've made almost all of them. This one is next. Of course, this will be for Ireland....since I haven't made her a hat for this year...yet. I love the great color combo used in this pattern. The pattern includes photos for a boy and a girl hat. I will definitely be making this soon...since I just purchased the pattern here.

This sweater is from Susan B. Anderson. Isn't it great? She did an amazing job with this... I am so jealous. Another wonderful color combo. Since this is a knitted sweater, I am so intimidated. I don't know if I could do this. But I might just try. You can find the free pattern here. She also has plenty of other free patterns. Check out her Happily Ever After stripey mitts and hat. They are so pretty.

All of these designers/crafters really amaze and inspire me. I love seeing what others can create.

This is what I have been working on. I is a little rough looking...especially after seeing all of these other amazing projects. Don't laugh. Well, go ahead, I don't mind:)

It is a knitted hat that only took me a couple hours to make. I love it... one of those fun, instant gratification projects.

When I saw the yarn in the store I knew I wanted a hat. I have been wanting a pink hat for myself, and now I have one. I think it is Lion Brand yarn. Super Chunky. If anyone would like the pattern written out just comment and let me know. I'm getting a little better at my knitting....I think!? Maybe not. I need to try cables or something more exciting.


  1. Hi. I would loooove a pattern for that perfect looking pink hat. I'm almost finished my first pair of fingerless gloves. Love them! Thanks.

  2. I love your pink hat Liz! Aren't instant gratification projects the best? If you would care to share your pattern I would like to knit one for myself. Thank you! :)

  3. That's a lovely pink hat!And I love instant gratification projects :)

    Just discovered ravelry myself and was amazed to find zo many knitted and crocheted treasures there. hmmmmm inspiration, inspiration.....

  4. Thanks so much. Laura, I don't know about 'perfect looking' but I will post the pattern tomorrow. Anne, I love instant gratification projects...they make me feel like I am really accomplishing something. My 4 year old wore the hat all day today. She says it is hers. So I have to make me another one. Marieke, ravelry is the best...I spend way too much time on there. I am a ravelry junkie.

  5. Love these cowls....I'm older lady, but just recently have made one and working on another cowl for myself - after making some for my daughters...I love them..and want some in various weights and colors.
    Have a question. In your list of blogs that you follow, I clicked on one and received message "you need permission to see this blog".
    Do you have ANY idea how I 'get permission' in these cases? This is not the first time I've seen this, but it's starting to bother me. If you bother to write a blog, WHY on earth would you make it "permission only"?
    You cannot get new readers/customers if they can't see your least I don't think you can. The one that I wanted to see was "Insomniac with a Hook."