Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Version of the Chunky Basket

Lately, I have been obsessed with yarn bowls. They are so beautiful and I'm close to breaking down and buying one. This basket was made for a new friend who wants to use it as a yarn bowl.

As you can see, this is almost exactly like the Chunky Crocheted Basket. I changed the handles to make them more substantial. Linda, my new friend I mentioned, wants to be able to put her yarn inside and use it like a yarn bowl. I hope it works well for her.

I just love the color. Blue is and has always been my favorite.

I altered the original pattern. If you are interested in making this version...just follow the instructions below

You will hold two strands of yarn together 

Refer to the instructions for the original Chunky Crocheted Basket for rounds 1-11.

Rnd 12: Ch 2, Hdc in next 8 sts, ch 7, skip next 5 sts, hdc in next 19 sts, ch 7, skip next 5 sts, hdc in remaining 10 sts. Join with sl st.

Rnd 13:  Ch 1, sc in the back loop of each st around (including the back loop of each chain). Join with sl st.

Rnd 14: Ch 2, hdc in next 8 sts, sc in next 7 sts, hdc in next 19 sts, sc in next 7 sts, hdc in each remaining st. Join with sl st.

Rnd 15: Sl st in each st around. Finish off with no knot finishing method...just click on the link and scroll down to find the instructions.

As you can tell, I am addicted to making these baskets. This one can be used as a basket or a yarn bowl. This has inspired me to come up with a whole new yarn bowl pattern. Check back in a few days for that pattern. 

I'm still thinking about buying the real thing, though. They are just so beautiful...I can't decide which color I want. 

I can't decide...they are all just gorgeous. What do you think?...I'm thinking maybe the last one, if it is large enough.

If you would like to win a basket, I'm currently having a giveaway. Go to my previous post and just leave me a comment letting me know you want to be entered to win. I'll choose a winner next Saturday.

I hope you're having a great weekend:D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Giveaway

It's really close to the end of the month, but still enough time for this month's giveaway.

Yes, I'm giving away another Chunky Crocheted Basket. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine...this is the super bulky yarn. I used a little over 2 skeins and followed the pattern. Measurements are the same as the original basket. Click on the link above to see the details about the basket.

This purple was a mistake. I made this for someone who wanted blue or green. I don't know what I was thinking:D 

I'm half crazy as usual :) Life can be so overwhelming at times and my brain just doesn't function as it should all the time.

So I went out and bought more yarn in a turquoise shade of blue and decided to give this purple one away. 

For those of you who wanted the basket from the giveaway a few months ago, here you go. Just leave me a comment letting me know you want this one.

Next Saturday I'll randomly choose a winner.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Katy's Noro Shawl

A couple of months ago I blogged about my Noro Shawl. The yarn was a pain to work with, but the finished project was great. It inspired this beautiful shawl, crocheted by Katy.

Don't you just love the colorway she chose. It looks gorgeous. The pattern was found here on Ravelry.

Here is a photo from the pattern

and here is my version (if you don't want to go back to my original post)

I love the look of the Noro, but still have no desire to work with it again (yet)

If you have a project you would like me to blog about...just send me a photo or link. I would love to blog about any projects inspired by my patterns or projects.

Check back with me. I am having a giveaway in a few days. I'll be giving away an actual item this time, not a pattern.

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Shrug Pattern

I made this shrug in three different colors last year. I'm just now getting around to writing out the instructions.

It is a really simple and quick project. It is worked from side to side making it very easy to adjust to the size that you need.

Size 3 cotton fashion thread
Size J crochet hook
Yarn needle


5  V-sts = 4" (10cm)
4 rows = 4" (10cm)
These measurements are unblocked. The texture is extremely stretchy, so gauge is difficult to determine.

Stitches Used
Chain = ch
Double crochet = dc
V-st  = dc, ch 1, dc


Do not crochet too tightly. You want a loose stitch

Ch 61

Row 1: V-st (dc, ch 1, dc) in the 5th ch from hook. (the first 3 chs skipped will be your first dc of the row). Skip 2 chains, V-st in next ch, (skip next 2 chs, V-st in next ch) across until to reach last 2 chs. Dc in the last ch.

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as a dc). V-st into the next ch (which will be the ch from the last V-st of the previous row) repeat across until last dc. Dc in the last dc. Turn.

You should have 19 V-sts with a dc on each end. If you have more or less, don't freak out. It's not a big deal unless it is abnormally large or small.

Row 3- 32: Repeat row 2.

You can adjust the number of rows to your size

To sew under the arms, fold, creating a narrow piece

Sew each side about 2.5" to 3"

If this is confusing, just play around with it and I think you'll see what I'm referring's so easy.

Weave ends.

I did not block mine.

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment. I'll try to help.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Distraction

I know, I know...I'm supposed to be working on posting the pattern for the teal shrug. Sorry to make you all wait so long for it. I've been a little distracted and have wanted to read a book for the longest time now. I've been consumed with crochet for what seems like forever. It's been so long since I've read an actual novel. So this has been my recent distraction from crochet

I know a lot of you have probably read this, and I'm having a hard time putting it down:) I've also been trying to catch up on comments, questions, and my favorite blogs.

I wanted to share a link to a fellow crocheter/ blogger's Happy Mitts. They were made from my Colorful Stripey Mitts pattern

Sabine did such a great job. I just love seeing all of your finished projects from patterns found here. It makes me so happy to know that you can make something inspired by my patterns. I guess that is the reason I try to offer most things for free. Here is a photo of Sabine's Happy Mitts taken from her blog...go on over there and check out all of her photos of her mitts. They are just gorgeous

I think I will start sharing projects inspired by patterns found here...with permission of course. So if you have a finished project you would like to share, then send me the link and I'll share a photo of it. It's all about sharing and hoping to inspire others to create:D

Please forgive me for not posting the shrug pattern. I will post it soon, I promise.

Happy Sunday!