Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Tallies...Little Progress

Well, it's Tuesday again, and I've made little progress with my new project...the patchwork granny.

I didn't make as much progress this week..only 3 squares. So now I have 3 completed rows.

I do have a good excuse...I spent most of my week and weekend working on my ripple. I'm only 6 or 7 colors away from finishing.

I also spent a lot of time weaving ends. I hate having to do that at the end of a project...it takes the excitement out of making that very last stitch.

I'll try to take photos of the ripple tomorrow...now I think I'll try to link up over at Gingerbread Girl.

Have a great week:)


  1. So far so good! This is going to be an awesomely colored blanket!

  2. Is this pattern available or can you just do any granny square pattern? Is it too late to join? Could the squares be different within the blanket..are there any rules? I need to get my crochet mojo back! I need to be accountable! LOL! Yours is looking great...love the colors!

  3. The "One a day" spirit lives in our projects!!!! Go on!!!!

  4. Looking so good. I so want to do this. I have like four other projects going. I'll probably start it after this scarf for my mil. I so love the ripple it is so addicting. I can't even start that until after christmas lol. Otherwise my other project will just be sitting there lol.

  5. Oh my! I just love it. And good for you weaving in ends as you go.
    Can't wait to see your ripple!!


  6. I'm loving the colours, I look forward to seeing your finished Ripple, it's such a big job sewing in all those ends. Deb x

  7. It is looking fantastic, and great news on the ripple. Have a fun Halloween with your little girl.

  8. Love this patchwork granny. Are you not counting your rows of ripple as a one a day project? I cannot wait to see it. I work in my ends as I go too.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. I made a scarf using these squares. Looks good!