Monday, August 13, 2012

A Crochet Resolution...and a Preview of This Month's Giveaway

I've made a crochet resolution...As of now, I am not crocheting for payment any more. I'm sooo over Etsy. I joined in 2009 and have never really enjoyed selling. Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy. I buy most of my bags and jewelry from the talented sellers there.   I love to purchase crochet patterns as well. I appreciate all of the great finds that can be found there.

These are some of my latest purchases

Using Etsy as a buyer is much more satisfying (for me)

I actually sell more outside of Etsy. People email and message me with requests. Some are friends and people I know...that's the toughest. Saying no to all of them. 

Personally, I find no pleasure in selling my crocheted projects any more. I love being able to provide something for someone, but find more joy in giving crocheted gifts, offering patterns for free, and blogging. I haven't really spent much time on my Etsy shop. After getting an order for the Colorful Stripey Mitts, I realized that I would rather spend my time doing other things...

I love my day job much more (it pays more of course) I love blogging much more. I love bartering a heck of a lot more. I found that I love crocheting much more without attaching dollars to it all. It's no fun anymore. So now I hope to regain the love of crochet again. No stress, deadlines, or obligation to get it all done.

I have a new friend, a knitter, who I love to swap with. I really enjoy swapping on Ravelry as well.
If anyone would like to swap, let me know...but for selling, I'm done, mostly. I may make a project here or there for sale. But for the most part, I'm gonna give, swap, and enjoy myself again:D

With all of that being said, I'll announce this month's giveaway soon:D

Here's a's a finished item or two;)

The Pink Panda pattern will be ready in a couple of days as well. I'm slowly trying to get back to what I love to do.

I will offer more details about the giveaway tomorrow when I have better photos.

Have a great week:D


  1. Good for you hun. That sounds like a plan:) I too swap on Raverly. I am apart of two swaps. I just love it. I love it so much when they open their package and see a square:) Can't wait to see your new change:)

  2. I have to agree completly with you!!! I consider crochet a hobby, not a chore.

  3. I agree. I still technically have a store but having to make things ruined quilting for me. Hobbies should be fun.

  4. I have heard of friends feeling the same way selling on Etsy. It is hard. I considered opening a shop, but I am fine with requests.
    I love all of your creations. Your blogs is one of my "go -to" for ideas.
    Take a break. Our minds need it.
    Loving the tease giveaway on one of my favorite patterns that I haven't tried yet.

  5. Yes, sometimes we need to reevaluate the what and why of what we do. Looking forward to more patterns by you! Can't wait for the giveaway!!

    I've never done a swap before but I'd love to sometime! :)

  6. I totally get where your coming from! A few years ago out of need for some extra cash I started selling my favorite holiday cookies and quilted totes. I thought " I love to bake and sew/quilt so this will be easy" I did quite well, I had lots of orders for cookies and totes. On top of of all that I have a full-time job and kids! It served the purpose at a time when it was much needed but I too found that I began to loose my love for baking and sewing! Much to many customers disappointment I stopped baking and sewing for money. This past Christmas I baked/sewed to my hearts content and got more joy out of giving my treats away then when I sold them. So good for you! :)

  7. I totally get what you are saying, I am a nervous wreck making something for someone who is buying it. I always wonderful if it is good enough. When I just crochet or knit for the pure joy of it I don't care what the result is, it is more about the journey. By the way I am happy you will be blogging more.

  8. Hi, I just start to learn crochet and I find it very interesting and I'm so addicted! I also love blogging and I'm gonna share all of my work in my blog :)
    And I do agree with you that a hobby should be fun, no stress and no deadline. We do it because we love it! :)

    Visit my blog here :

    Yanti Rostarina

  9. Always nice to find another crocheter in NC! I found your blog from All about AMI and glad I did. I'm at the 'selling crochet' crossroads too. I sell much more off of Etsy at craft shows, but I don't miss the insane crochet I do to get ready. Right now, I'm really enjoying teaching crochet at my local yarn shop. I truly enjoy your blog. Continue doing what you love!

  10. I totally agree with you! When I started selling crochet clocks it was fun to design then and play around but then the "I have to fill my shop" and "I can't enjoy my weekend because I've got to take photos/crochet/assemble clocks" thoughts set in. Being a seller on Etsy gave me exposure which was nice, but now I just enjoy making clothes for myself and blogging about what I do and all the other wonderfully talented crocheters out there. When crocheting became a job, it lost all the sparkle for me.

  11. I love these slippers.... and totally understand about selling your art, crochet, etc. vs. giving it away..... Gifts are so powerful.... and I feel paralyzed when I "have" to make something. I'm finding my way back to crochet myself and am so enjoying myself!

  12. Wow, what a beautiful slippers! I loved it!!

  13. I've only been crocheting over 2 years and I've never sold any of my creations, I give them away as gifts and although people have encourage me to sell them I don't think I would like to do that for the same exact reasons you mentioned here... Good for you to go back to loving and enjoy the crochet at your own pace and in your own term!

  14. This is an excellent post. Thank you for your candor. I think a great many of us feel this way at least to some degree. I know we think we want to make money by using our gifts and talents but often it is more frustration than it is worth and ends up just robbing us of our joy. When it becomes a chore it just really isn't worth it anymore. Thanks again for sharing. God bless.

  15. Good for you. I find no joy at all in crochet things which are demanded from me in any way, shapr or form, even if the demands are from my own mind in the form of excessive self-expectations at Christmas etc. I'm sure selling works for some, but it wouldn't work for me either.

  16. Thanks for your wonderful blog! You've actually inspired me to try my hand at a little blogging myself, although mine focuses on my kids as much as on crocheting. I hope you will check it out!

  17. The slippers are very bright and cheerful! You have a wonderful blog Liz.

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