Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Projects and a Pattern Preview

I'm finally starting to finish some of my projects;) Considering it's summer, I'm not too worried about it. Here's one of the bunnies. I'm still working on the second. This boy was really easy to make...just time consuming

I've also been putting Pinterest to good use. I've been wanting to make an earring organizer for so long now. I love the frames with the screens, and I've seen them on Etsy and in person at a couple of shops and boutiques. I decided to try one myself. Michael actually made it. He painted the frame and tried to staple the screen inside the edge of the frame.

This was definitely a learning experience. I'm going to ditch this one and start on another. The frame was not sturdy enough. The staples warped the edges of the frame.

So I've decided to go back to Pinterest and follow the tutorial that uses good old Duct tape:)

I've also been working on a new pattern;) 

Can you guess what it is?

Stayed tuned...I'll have it ready in a few days.

Have a great week:D


  1. I love your blog, is so nice and calm, and your work is really good!
    Regards, Lorena.

  2. Your bunny is cute! :)

    Good luck with your earring organizer! Can't wait to see it. You have pretty earrings!

    And is that a hot pink panda hat?


    1. Thanks Genevieve. You are right:D It is a panda.

  3. That bunny is adorable! I love stuffed animals, but they ARE time consuming. You're right not difficult at all...but fussy! Their faces make me nervous. All my hard work can be ruined by an ill placed eye or nose or little white knot for the light in the eye...fussy, fussy...but so cute! And I don't like sewing on their arms and makes me nervous! Such a complainer, I am! But I love this bunny and it makes me want to stop complaining and get to making one RIGHT NOW! Verrrrry cute. Hugs, Annette

  4. Thanks Annette,
    You are sooo right about the fussiness. I fret way too much over getting the face too perfect. I'm sort of a perfectionist. With a lot of animals if you place their features just a little off or too far apart then it can totally change the look. Like with the panda hat. If I place the inner parts of the eyes in the wrong place then the face looks like a puppy instead of a panda. The faces for the owl hats look more like owls if the eyes are closer together. You are not a complainer. Faces need extra attention. Details are everything with animals and animal hats.
    Thanks and I hope you have a great week,