Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here lately I've not been in a crocheting mood. I've been smashing this weekend.

I thought I would share some of my smash book pages. I am using part of this book as design pages for the new house. Each room gets a page. Most of the things on the pages are found at IKEA. Some are from mid-century

The page below includes the things we are going to buy for our workspace/ playroom/ craft room in the new house. Ireland and I will be sharing this space. We plan on making a trip to IKEA in a couple of weeks.

Currently, I'm working on the pages for the sun room and master bedroom. 

The pages below are about my recent crafty projects.

I think I'll crochet a little this afternoon. I'm trying to finish Ireland's scarf made from the alpaca we bought at the alpaca farm.

Still no progress on the patchwork. I've crocheted 2 squares in the past week so I thought I would wait a few days before taking more photos...when I have more to show.

I'll probably post less over the next 2-3 weeks, since we are needing to start packing everything. I'm in the mood to move...chomping at the bit to get a date. (There was a major issue with the appraisal this time...the house was classified as an underground or passive solar house...making it impossible to find comparables)

It does not look underground to me. Passive solar maybe? There are 2 earth berm rooms, so that has been the issue. Absolutely nothing has went smooth with this house. A second appraisal had to be done, since the first one became a problem. We have been reassured that this won't be a problem now...we will see;) I'm at the point where I'll have to see it in writing to believe it. I am open to start looking for another's just so stinkin hard to find land right now. We really wanted this house for all of the land.

Now they are telling us closing may be at the end of this less blogging and more packing and getting ready.

Have a great rest of the weekend and upcoming week:)


  1. Good luck with all the paperwork, and packing. I will send you positive, moving thoughts.

    1. Thanks Meredith:) I'm sure I will need them

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...we hope it goes much better than the buying process

  3. Good luck! I might make one of these for my different projects that I want to do. Might make the planning more fun! XD

  4. I was hoping for a smash journal for Christmas, but it looks like I'm on my own. I always journal but there is something about them that really appeals to me. Art journaling has been my latest obsession. I hate that I have to choose between crochet, reading and journaling - of then of course there's work and pesky things like eating and sleeping! So many things to do and so little time!
    Good luck with the house!

    1. You can get the books for less on Amazon especially if you can get free shipping. But the accessories are much cheaper at Wal-mart. I know what you mean...I hate having to go to bed at night because I love doing all of this fun stuff

  5. I'm SO happy that I found your lovely blog. I love crochet and other craftings. Thank you for sharing your great ideas :)