Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Visit to an Alpaca Farm

Last Sunday we went to Peaceful Heart Alpacas in Fancy Gap, Virginia. It's an alpaca farm with a yarn store. I just love this photo and had to share it first.

We went into the store first where we met one of the owners. One of the rooms in the store offers the natural fiber and yarn which is produced from the alpacas on the farm.

Another room in the store is full of alpaca yarn from The Alpaca Store and Plymouth Yarn (not from the alpacas on the farm).

I think Ireland was having a good time, she was impatiently waiting to go outside and see the alpacas.

And finally we went outside

Aren't they just precious? Look at the cute brown one...I can't remember all of their names. 

The alpacas are so curious. They didn't care much about being petted and rubbed but they would give kisses. I also learned that alpacas only have bottom top ones...very interesting

The black boy below is Maximus...I do remember his name. He was interested in smelling of Ireland's hair. These are such gentle animals. I think there are between 45 and 50 alpacas on the farm.

I think Ireland enjoyed the goats more...they were her size. I love taking her to new places to experience new things.  

After leaving the farm we decided to drive to Boone to shop and eat. We took the Blue Ridge Parkway part of the way. We love going to the mountains in the winter... the view below is from one of the overlooks. (I really wished I had my camera)

In case you were wondering what I bought:

I've started a scarf for Ireland with the pink. 
and this calendar

If you're ever in the area you'll definitely want to check out this neat place.

Go to the website to learn about Sharla, Linda, Mike, and David. They run the farm, store, and offer several classes throughout the year.

I hope to go back and buy some of the natural fiber produced from their alpacas (I don't know why I didn't buy some)...and maybe take a class.


  1. One of my friends owns an alpaca farm. Cool place to visit, and you can't beat the yarn!

  2. I would love to give all a hug and kiss!! Who ever said you can't kiss an animal....they have no fun!! Will have to check out their site. The yarn looks yummy!!


  3. What a fun family field trip. I love alpacas they are so gentle. Glad you had a good time, Ireland is getting so big!
    Hugs to you and Happy New Year,

  4. They are so gosh darn cute! What a lovely little day trip. Getting outdoors, visiting precious animals and buying yarn -- doesn't get any better than that. Wishing you a wonderful new year. Tammy

  5. Yeni yılınızı kutlarım arkadaşım sağlık mutluluklar diliyorum..

  6. I'm going to have to check this out! Not too far from home & looks like a good day trip :)

  7. ohh alpaca!!! i love it!! just yesterday i was telling the mr. how much i want to use it!!