Monday, November 19, 2018

My New Brightech Magnifier Light

I have a new lamp that I’ve been using for a few days. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a craft lamp. I see residents at the facility using them and I keep telling myself they would really help me with my crocheting at night while I’m sitting on the couch watching tv. If you’re like me you can’t use black or dark shades of different colors at night. Normal lighting just doesn’t cut it.

This lamp is from Brightech... and I chose to try the Lightview XL 2 in 1.

It's great for helping me thread needles. When I'm wearing my contacts, my close up vision is terrible. I love the magnifier because it makes threading a needle and painting details on ceramics super easy. I don't have to wear readers at all while using the lamp.

Another great feature is the light adjustment. The arrows can be touched to either brighten or dim the intensity of the light.

My favorite feature is the light. My craft room is really dark. Our house is a little weird. Our downstairs rooms are partially underground, so lighting in the craft room is from five different light bulbs. The lamp produces really nice white light. I don't like to craft in yellow or soft light. I love white light... I'm a light bulb fanatic. When I shop for light bulbs, I will only buy the clear or daylight bulbs, but it's almost impossible to find those. I can't stand the new light bulbs that the world has switched to in the last few years. Everything looks yellow. I don't take photos using light bulbs unless they are clear or daylight. Horrible lighting will ruin a photo. This light is awesome for photos because it doesn't yellow the shots or the objects in the shots. I may even use the lamp to take better photos.

The photos show the craft room with the lights turned off. The lamp produces plenty of bright light even in a dark room.

I have figured out that I like using it as a floor lamp, even though all of my photos show it as a table lamp. It easily converts back and forth. Since I crochet on the couch at night, I'll probably convert it back from the table lamp and sit it on the floor beside my spot on the couch. Now I can work with black or dark shades of yarn with no problem.

If you're in the market for a craft lamp or any other type of lamp, check out Brightech. I'm really happy that I had this opportunity to try one out.


  1. If I get a bright light, then I won't be able to say my crochet work is terrible because my room is too dim!
    This light looks great, thanks for telling us about it.