Saturday, July 2, 2016

Life outside of crocheting

It's obvious I've not blogged very much lately. I haven't crocheted or knitted very much either. I've certainly wanted to but I chose not to. Other things became more important over the past 6 months or so.

I've been reading the blog lately and I've noticed a habit that I do all the time. I apologize quite a bit. I apologize for not posting, or reading my blogging friends blogs enough, or for not creating new patterns to share. I've decided I'm not going to apologize so much from now on. There are things in my life that are taking up a lot of my time, and I can't seem to find the time, or balance my time to be able to include blogging with all the other things. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that I was present in her life and all the activities that she chooses to do. I don't want her to look back and think, "All Mom did was sit on the couch and knit or crochet." Don't get me wrong I love crafting more than any thing. But I haven't been able to find the balance yet. Honestly, the priorities for me at this time are being present and active in family life. So now I'll share a little bit about what I have been doing over the past few months. I have to say even though I haven't been able to knit or crochet as much as I want, I am happy and proud about the things I've been able to accomplish.

Last year when the school year started, Ireland decided she would join Girl Scouts... But there was one big problem. There was no Brownie troop in our area. There was a troop of Cadettes, and their troop leader told me that unless a mom stepped up and formed a new troop, there would be no troop for Ireland to join. So guess what... I became the troop leader of a brand new troop of Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. The Junior dropped out so it became a Daisy/ Brownie troop. From September until the end of the school year we held meetings, events, and cookie booths. Ireland and the other girls had lots of fun.

Here are my girls... aren't they cute... I just love 'em.

We held cookie booths this winter

Earned several badges and fun patches

We also went to a movie, trampoline park, out for pizza, and a couple other outings. In a couple of weeks we'll go see The Secret Life of Pets. We'll have a break from scouting until September.

Ireland also joined the county swim team. She's always been a pool baby so I thought she would love being on the team.

I think she enjoys herself, but she seems to get frustrated if she doesn't finish first or second. I keep reminding her it's more about improving as a swimmer, learning more, and improving her own times. But I guess there's nothing more motivating than winning. It's very hectic working full time, going to the pool 4 days a week, and trying to get to the out of town meets, but the season ends in two weeks. 

So that's what I've been up to. I regret that I can't crochet or knit more, but I am happy about everything else I have chosen to do. 

I'm still knitting the same pair of socks I posted about two months ago. I'm also working on the post about the hanging basket. That will be coming soon. I will not make any more promises, but I am motivated to finish that post because of a collaboration with Lion Brand. I'm super excited about that since I love and use LBY so much.

Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. You are doing exactly what you need to be doing, no apologizing needed. Ireland is adorable and will be so well rounded with all the experiences she has. As a mother of two swimmers, one who swam in college I understand the commitment it takes, I always knit during practice, it kept me calm and I was productive.

  2. You are doing fine, they grow up so fast you will never regret the time you spend with her, the socks can happen later. Now is the time to start thinking small motifs/projects that can be carried around and do not require much brain power, I am assuming that there is sitting around time at the meets. No sitting around time with the Brownies (lol) - good for you for stepping up, good luck with it all.

  3. totally agree that you shouldn't feel the need to apologize! life is life! I love that you stepped up for your daughter to be a troop leader, that's an seriously awesome memory for her to have :)

  4. Wonderful Post! You are obviously an amazing mom! Look at those smiles!

  5. I posted for the first time in two years on Sunday, I didn't apologise once! Just lots of photos of all the stuff I have been doing. My daughters swim, I am at the pool 6 times a week, I usually take my crochet with me.

  6. No apologies necessary. Though WE might miss you - and we know you miss crochet and knitting, but what you are doing is what is important right now. you are absolutely right! and I'm glad you are happy doing it. Children grow up so fast, you do not want to miss out on their growing years....THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD! You are your hubby are responsible for making sure your child(ren) are taught correctly. That is up to you - and no one else.
    God bless you. If you get a chance to crochet or knit in the evening, great! if not, it'll still be there later...and then you'll have grandchildren to crochet and knit for!
    Enjoy your life. Drop in and say hi when you can....we do understand. I had four - was stay at home Mom - and would not have changed that for anything in this world. My kids were (and still ARE!) my greatest Blessing and my most important "asset". They were worth far more than a second income (and we were far from rich!) - but they had more LOVE and Mom attention than most of their friends....and that is what counted! They're all parents themselves now - and wonderful adults....thank God!

  7. Hello: As a stay at home Mom of three I know exactly how thin one is stretched. You wrote a very honest and touching statement of how your life is changing and your priorities are. You are definitely very busy and are enjoying your daughters activities. Children grow up too fast and you don't want to miss anything. Good luck with all your endeavors. Remember Life is Good

  8. Oh no need to apologise... i can understand Elizabeth that the life is so busy nowadays. Yeah, all the girls are so innocent and cute. May God bless them all. I wish you a great success in your future accompolishments.