Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slow Progress and a Box of Goodies

I'm still working away at Ireland's blanket
I'm trying to be creative with the squares, which is making this a slower project than I would like. Who am I kidding? Even if every square were the same, it would be a slow project for me.
Sorry for the photos, I snapped these with my iphone in a hurry
I decided to add a couple of Minnie Mouse squares. We have Disney on the brain (planning a trip later this year)

I'm making this a little differently than other crochet mood projects. I notice some are making their squares according to their mood for the particular day or week, and then placing them in order as they go. I'm doing the same in a way. I'm placing them where ever I feel like they look best. So is this truly a crochet mood blanket? I don't know.

The sock knitting is going pretty well. I'm now at the toe of the first. Hopefully, I'll still be motivated to finish the second.
This was a few rows before starting the toe
 Don't judge, remember, it's my first

Earlier this week I received a package from a Ravelry swap that I participated in.

I love it. I racked up, 3 skeins of Wool-ease, crochet hook grips, candy, handmade soap, buttons, a sock pattern, notepad, postcards from Minnesota, a knitted dishcloth...even something for Ireland. Fellow knitters/crocheters are the best aren't they?

Have a great weekend,


  1. The blanket is supercute! I really love it, and the idea of the random order! The sock looks so lovely and colorful too! Both great projects, yay you!

  2. You have lots to celebrate, Liz, and I enjoyed celebrating with you! I especially appreciated seeing your projects in process which encourages me to enjoy making mine, even when it seems like it takes me FOREVER to complete one :) Happy Spring!

  3. The blanket is looking amazing
    Clare x

  4. The blanket is so nice!! good work and good continuation!

  5. Your squares are looking lovely!! and I love the colours in your sock!

  6. Your blanket is looking great - I love the minnie mouse squares, really cute. Love the stripey socks, great colours.

  7. The only judgement I can make about the sock is that you are doing a great job, it looks fantastic. The blanket does too. Ireland is going to be thrilled. Great swap present.

  8. It's so much fun when you're working on new projects, especially when they have a lot of color, like yours!

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  10. The blanket is looking lovely already. :) I just stumbled upon your blog and it's beautiful, so inspiring. Hugs!