Monday, January 30, 2012

Searching for Snow

Here in the foothills of North Carolina we don't get a lot of snow. We did last snowed four times before Christmas. But normally, we see it a couple of days each winter. That's ok with me since I'm not a cold, snow, winter type of person. Every winter I say, 'Lets move to Florida.' Michael and Ireland love the snow. So yesterday Michael decided we were going to look for snow. The mountains always get more, so we decided to head west. The only great thing about where we live is the distance to attractions. The mountains are an hour away and the ocean is about four hours depending on the particular beach. We ended up going to Beech Mountain.

This winter has been mild and mild in the mountains as well. There is no real snow. All of the snow in the photos is man made. It's all fake. Ireland didn't believe me. She couldn't grasp the idea of fake snow. I was surprised at all of the skiers that were there. I thought it would be dead.

Michael is a skier and used to go all the time. We wanted to introduce Ireland to it all and see if she would like to go back and ski sometime. Since there was no real snow Michael didn't ski, so we'll go back again. Maybe next time I can try out the ice rink. To me that seems more interesting.

Ireland had a good time in the fake stuff

When we came home I didn't crochet one little bit. I wanted to, but my latest project is really getting on my nerves.

I like the pattern but the yarn is not my favorite. I get charmed every time I step into my LYS. I find myself standing in front of the Noro, admiring the awesome colors and imagine how great they would look around my neck, and then I break down and buy some of it. When I start crocheting with it I curse the yarn and imagine myself burning it.

Raveled here
Needless to say, I am Not a Noro lover. Gasp...I said it. I am breaking up with Noro.

The next time I go to the shop I will walk right past those charming Noro shelves and go to the Universal Classic Shades or Poems. Yes I will. I love the Classic Shades but have not used Poems. I'm hoping it will be as beautiful and has to be much softer.

More about this project when I finish. Hopefully, then I'll be happier with it.


  1. I, too, am not a massive fan of Noro. It takes guts to break up with any yarn. In particular the popular, cheaper ones. LOL. Well done, you! There are certainly better yarns out there, of the softer, easier to work with variety.

    1. I sure hope so:) The appeal with Noro is the colors and how they stripe with crochet.

  2. Believe me I understand the Noro frustration, I write about it all the time. Love/Hate Noro is a curse.
    Lovely pictures of the snow man made or not.


    1. I know...I remember your post. It's funny. Not sure how long our break up will last:D

  3. I'll be the lonesome Noro lover! Just finished a skirt in it and I still love it.

  4. I understand the reasons why people love it. The colors are hard to resist especially when you crochet something with other yarns and instead of striping you get puddles. With Noro the striping is fabulous, but the texture is so rough with crochet projects. Like I said to Meredith, I don't know how long our break up will last...tehe:D

  5. Your project is gorgeous Liz! I haven't tried Noro but when I fondle it in my LYS I don't care for the feel of it so for now I'm not going to bite. Can't wait to see the finished piece. :)