Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pearl Jam Greenville

A few weeks ago we took Ireland to her very first concert. When I heard Pearl Jam was touring in the area again, I knew it would be perfect for her first. It was my third time seeing them.

Before we left, Ireland made a big sign to hold up during the show.

We made it to Greenville a few hours early to hang out and buy merch

Ireland received so much attention from her sign... Another first timer found us

A few pics from the show

 Eddie saw Ireland's sign and he talked to her asking if she enjoyed the show. She was in shock and froze and didn't respond to him. We were on the big screen with the sign, but didn't see it. A fellow Instagrammer told me later.

 After the show, Matt sent Ireland drum sticks. She was so excited... so was I

It was a great night. It was Michael's first time seeing them as well. I hope they had fun... I know I did.


  1. What a wonderful evening, so glad it was so special.

  2. Wow ! What a great first concert ! 8D

  3. That is so exciting! For both of you! I love Eddie!!!

  4. How wonderful that your daughter were sent the drumsticks and also that they had acknowledged her sign earlier! That is truly awesome!
    Memories like this, not to sound like a commercial, but they are truly priceless!

  5. Has she seen Janet Jackson yet??? (That line slew me). That was an awesome first concert for your daughter!!

  6. oh wow! How cool is that... I saw last summer at Pemberton music festival in Canada... pretty great stuff!

  7. Wow, you people seems to have really fun out there, I can related the post as we have vacations in the previous month and it is always good to spend time with your family