Sunday, February 23, 2014

Colorwul Knit Projects

I've learned something about myself lately. I can knit like a champ with straight needles...

Well, sort of
But circular needles are another story. I just cannot use them. I mess up my gauge. Hats are always too big or small, and the twisting drives me nuts.

I love the Patons Colorwul yarn. The hat above is in the Ocean colorway. The mitt below is my favorite colorway.

I decided to use a simple stitch pattern to show the colors. My goal is to knit the Cable Yak hat below. I hope cables will be easy. I guess I should get friendly with the circular needles. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Raveled by MariChiba found here

Today is a beautiful day here in NC. I heard Michael outside with the chain saw. I looked out and saw this...

It's the rosemary that I love. The one that I've been taking pics of every season. Well, now it has been butchered. I am mortified. I would cry, but I guess it's not that serious. But still!

In this pic from last summer, you can see it in the background
 It better come back. If not, I just may hurt Michael. Why do men think they can just cut down whatever they want?


  1. Don't worry about the circulars, I can't use them either and manage fine without - a good seam never hurt anyone!I'm in awe of those folks who can knit whole garments on circulars! Don't worry about the rosemary, it's quite hardy and will probably thrive from it's 'haircut'.Your patio swing is awsome - I don't know why folks don't have them here - they induce such romantic notions! Knit Happy :-)

  2. Oh no! I hate it when men get 'Ideas!' grrrrr. As for the knitting, to a really slow and not that good knitter, I think you are doing a great job x

  3. Two needles good, five needles or joined ones BAAAAAD! I have some of both but never been brave enough to attempt anything on anything other than 2needles.

    Poor Rosemary, totally frustrating but hopefully it will come back.

  4. I love the wools that you select and the items, the color is just wonderful! and yes, the men that I hired last year pulled out a Japanese Elm, 4 80 year old hostas, all of my ground cover, and who knows what else, I GIVE UP....

  5. Pretty yarn. I switch around from 2 straights, to 5 dpns to one or two circulars depending on the project. It sounds like you've had a lot of practice with 2 straights - the circs will come with practice. If its any consolation, my gauge is different on circs versus dpns. Magic loop with one big circular is the style I've had the least practice with so guess what, it's my least favourite right now :-)

  6. When it comes to circular needles - all I can say is: get past the first 2-3 rounds and it gets easier. Yes it twists, yes, you can end up with holes where holes shouldn't exist - but with time you learn to pull threads tightly as you progress around the needle and it all kind of comes right eventually.

    My first circular need projects were quite chunky wool which i then felted so all the mistakes disappeared. Worked a treat.

  7. I hated circulars when I first used them, then ......... I was treated to a more expensive pair and what a difference:-) If you can bring yourself to spend a bit more money try Knit Pros or Addi (the only expensive ones I've tried and know are wonderful) they really make a big difference.

    Your yarns are such lovely colours, and don't worry the Rosemary will come back bigger and better :-)

  8. I too, love the yarn! Beautiful mitts. Cables are so easy that you'll kick yourself for not trying them earlier. I teach a workshop on Craftsy, Classic Cabled Cowl, that is perfect for beginners. I have a couple very simple cabled headband patterns in my pattern stores. You can also pop over to YouTube and watch a couple videos to get a feel for it. Good luck. And by the way, your rosemary will come back even better now that it's had a haircut!

  9. Knitting with circular needles is very easy after a little practice. You must watch the first 2-3 rows, stitches must not twist. The first time I used them I left it in a few minutes. But after a little practice it all came very easily. For the best cables you might use an auxiliary needle. As for the men, do not worry you're not alone and my husband has occasionally such ideas!

  10. Some people have had success with Dee's No Twist Cast-on (google it, or search on Ravelry) where you use a piece of flat work to help keep the stitches oriented. If I'd known about it when I started with circular needles it would have saved me a lot of headaches!

  11. Look at how gorgeous your knitting is! I love the yarn, so beautiful. You can do cables, they are easier that you think, just a couple more steps than you are already doing. I'd want to smack my husband for doing that. Once my husband let a bunch of guys trim our trees without my approval, my husband that does nothing outside. They made my gorgeous camphor tree look like a giant topiary and cut off all the low, beautiful branches, I swear I almost divorced him. It was 7 years ago and I am still mad.

  12. I knit straight too! people always seem to want to go round and round. I need to know when I get the end of the row I can have a sip of wine! jo x

  13. Hi! I just started reading your blog, and this entry made me want to comment.

    First, you don't have to use circs. You can knit in the round using only double-points if you want to. You can knit sweaters in the round using only double points, too. (You just use more double points.) Circular needles do take practice, and the cable stiffness makes a huge difference. You might try different brands and see if one works better for you than the one you're using. (I like circular needles for large garments like sweaters, but I also use Magic Loop for socks and hats.)

    Try not to worry too much about the rosemary. It will thrive on its haircut. I speak from experience -- my mother cut her rosemary bush back to a stump, and it grew back to about four feet tall.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your blog!

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  16. God bless you in your home life and work life! I have a daughter who is a single mother and social worker. She is taking her licensing test soon. I am always amazed at all she does!! I just printed off the large ombre basket pattern from your blog. Thanks so much!! I will keep you in my prayers as I do my daughter.

  17. What is the colourway for those lovely mittens, please? I like it!