Saturday, April 6, 2013

Concrete Planters

Last weekend I made some concrete planters. Yes...this was another Pinterest project. I'm a little addicted;)

The first batch was for these small ones. I used plastic bowls for the round/ oval ones and a Soy Milk carton for the square one.

I'm using these for succulents. I planted cactus seeds in the middle and square one earlier today. Now I'm motivated to make the big ones I really want. I hate spending $30 plus for a large planter so I'm going to try to make a couple of great big ones with the concrete.

I spent the rest of today working outside. I have to show you the rosemary that I need help with.

I researched online that I should prune it in the winter...well it's too late now, so I'm wondering if it will hurt it to prune and take cuttings now. I've never had rosemary this ginormous before.

To follow up on a previous project...the window boxes are done. You can see them in the photo. I just need to figure out what to plant in them.

I've also been working on the play room. It still looks bad...but better.

This photo doesn't show the whole room...I have to figure out how to cover the ugly HVAC in the corner. Any ideas?

For my next post I'll try to show you something related to crochet. I still haven't unpacked my yarn. I know...shame on me.

I'm itching to crochet something, maybe I should search Pinterest...hehe.
I'm thinking about something in jute for the house. Hmmm


  1. The succulents look great in your concrete planters. Good luck with the big one. Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  2. You could cut the rosemary without problems now, but cut not too deep. never cut below the last green you see. So you need to cut several centimeters above the last green outcome. Hope you understand my english. But it's better to cut all the branches now for about ten fifteen centimeters, if you do that every year your rosemary will stay 'young'. But rosemarys will not live very long. Hope this will help you.

  3. Good idea with the planters, I've seen some in the shape of flowers. My window boxes have been filled with bulbs and then herbs on top, now looking at putting tumbling tomatoes and salad leaves in them. Happy creating. Chel x

  4. Jute is quite harsh to crochet when you are used to lovely soft giving yarn. I have an unfinished work of crochet art which really won't take much finishing, but it is so harsh on my hands and elbows that I have been putting it off!
    xXx Helen

  5. I once had a rosemary that lived for a number of years, but I never pruned it and it became very 'woody'. In the end I threw it away.

  6. Really cool planters, I love them. I am a Pinterest addict and I fully admit it.
    Love your shared crafty space.
    Hugs to you Liz,

  7. Hello, the planters look so modern and them... well done
    Daisy j x

  8. Hi Liz,
    Just cut out the dead wood in the rosemary and enjoy it. Don't forget to use the stems left on the plant as your sticks for shiskabobs when you barbecue this summer. That is a great way to prune back your plant. As for the window boxes, why don't you try red geraniums and sweet potato vine? Linda from Wetcreek Blog.

  9. Thank you for sharing & look forward to trying this craft. Enjoy your blog too!

  10. You are making good progress after your move! The outside of your home is similar to ours and I enjoy planting red geraniums in my window flower box. I am crocheting a shawl and a cotton box at the moment. The shawl requires my full attention :) The cotton box is just relaxing single crochet. Hope you find just the right project to tackle!

  11. Cute planters. Share the Pinterest addiction and its soo good!! As for rosemary you can trim away, after all it's there to use throughout the year. Hannapat

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