Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Long Weekend

This past weekend was a long one. Today is the first real day of the week for us here. Ireland went back to daycare today after being sick. If you read my last post you'll remember our little ski trip with no skiing. Well, I took Ireland to the doctor on Monday and found out she has strep. So we were home for two days.

I tried to find fun things for us to do and after leaving the dr's office we made a trip to the store to buy a few things to keep us busy...glitter, puzzles, stickers, new nail polish (because the 40 bottles we already have is just not enough:D) and junk food (for me...tehe). Oh... I can't forget the new Princess cup because she just had to have had glitter and a little princess in the bottom. How can you say "no" to a sick child? She insisted that I take a picture of her new cup and lip gloss and nail polish.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Yes...I'm totally addicted. One of my pin boards is all about projects that I want to try. So I thought this would be the perfect time to try a couple of them. Instead of just sitting around and pinning all the time, I should try to put the whole Pinterest thing to use. This is where the first photo comes into play. I dug out some thread and picked out some of my favorite colors.

I pinned these Friendship bracelet tutorials a few days ago...thinking I was definitely going to make a few.

Here is the link to the tutorial for these gorgeous bracelets

Ha ha all I can say about this idea. I had no idea what I was doing. It's quite embarassing...

Such pretty colors. I inherited this thread, along with other yarn and hooks from my late grandmother. I was excited about finally putting it to good use with her in mind.

Such a disaster

I totally failed at this. I thought this would be easy. Ireland quickly lost interest. It was waaay too tedious for a four year old.

So I got out the worsted weight yarn to practice with

Not much better as you can see. I am definitely not a friendship bracelet maker. The chevron pattern totally confused me. Any tips are appreciated from all you talented friendship bracelet makers. I need a lot of practice.

Here's a WIP. Yes...AnOtHeR Owl hat:) It looks really messy before sewing. Thank goodness the finished product looks much better

Well, that was our weekend. I hope you all have a great week:D


  1. Yes it definitely takes some practice! Keep trying though! Once you have it down it's fun!

  2. Wow - talk about a blast from the past. I made these bracelets like a maniac in middle school. Fun to see them coming back around. Of course, I can't remember how to make them to save my life.

    On a side note - running out soon to by some yarn to make one of your cowls. I love all your crochet patterns, thanks so much for posting them!

  3. Glad your little one is feeling better. I never made friendship bracelets, so I am of not help to you on this one. They are really cute.
    Happy Wednesday,

  4. I hope Ireland is feeling much better - Im sure the cup helped a LOT! I remember making these bracelets when I was at high school they were all the rage...

  5. Hello Liz, I just love your blog, and so I happily pass on to you the Versatile blogger award. Congratulations! Marieke

    1. Thanks Marieke, that's such an honor. It's taking me awhile to nominate 15, but I'll do:)
      Thanks again,

  6. I so remember how to make these I am going to pull out some thread and refresh my memory then I will comment on how to do the chevron!