Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unfinished Projects

The dreaded second sock syndrome has affected me. I've started them but have little motivation to finish. I've decided to finish the second jewelry display that I started a few months ago.
It's coming along.

Michael has decided to take on another project. Ireland wanted her room painted an aqua color. No problem... or so I thought. A few minutes ago I walked upstairs to find this...
Apparently there is a lot of sheetrock work to do before he can paint. So to prevent all of her things getting dusty, he decided to take everything out of her room and closet. Great, is all I can say. Something else for me to do. (At least I didn't have to pack it all up)
Her closet was pretty full. Oh well, at least the walls and ceiling will look better.
Here's the new color.
It is a pretty color.
Now I need to go do something with all of our vegetables from the garden.
I see cucumber dressing and fried squash in my future.

Oh, and I finally went through our wedding photos and put a few in a Shutterfly photo book. I had promised to make my mom a book and never have. Shutterfly is pretty good, but not my favorite. I haven't used them lately, so when I received a code for a free book, I decided to give them another try. I like MyPublisher and Photobook America. I also want to try Artifact Uprising. If you want to see the book just scroll down to the bottom or click on the link below. (It's not very clear but it's something I guess)

Anyway, I am determined to get back to work on those pesky second socks. Maybe tonight. I may even get caught up on my blog reading. I've had enough of a break and I miss visiting you all.

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely wedding photos, Liz! [both of you kissing Ireland is extra-special ] After more than a year I still have a baby sock on circular needles that I was trying to complete with the magic loop method, and you at least have completed one sock! It is great to complete projects though, isn't it. Ireland's room is beautiful!

  2. It looks like you're making good use of your creativity while avoiding second socks! Lovely wedding photos ...

  3. oh, painting the walls, the final refreshing the room effect is amazing but I can understand how much work has to be done in order just to start painting.. The final look of her room looks pretty !! I really like the color :)

  4. Love the wedding book, you all look so happy, blissful might be a better word. The new paint in Ireland's room is perfect! Dad did a great job.

  5. Oooo nice - that yellow in the jewelry display simply jumped out at me when I saw your blog featured on another blog. Love the aqua walls as well. Cheers!

  6. I'm totally having n.o. sock syndrome, why is it the projects you know you should do are the projects you least want to? I love cucumber, I just recently tried pickling them, it was sooo good! Good luck with your unfinished projects, x

  7. Hello, Liz. I found your blog from a link for your Accidental Cowl. I think I'll try the Soft Stitch Cowl pattern mentioned in that blog entry.

    As for your second sock syndrome, I have a thought. Many young ladies I know seem to believe life is too short to pair up socks. It occurs to me, then, that only the first sock needs to be made, right? Brilliant, I say!