Sunday, December 20, 2015

And The Winner Is...

I almost forgot that I needed to randomly select the winner of this book

So without making you wait any longer, the winner is...

Emma Haughton

Congrats Emma! I really hope you like the book and find something you would like to crochet.
Just send me your contact information and address and I'll put it in the mail this week.
My preferred email address is

For the next post, I have another pattern book to share, but I haven't taken any photos yet. 

For now, I will share my most recent finished project. It's a Christmas tree skirt. 

I actually made two. Of course Ireland wanted one for her tree. I didn't mind since I messed up the first one and made it small with a tiny opening. That worked well for her artificial 4 ft tree. We have a live 9 ft tree in the living room, so the opening for the stand had to be a lot larger. I was inspired by Cherry Heart blog.

This is Ireland's

Anyway, I'll be back in a few days to tell you about another book. I'm not sure if I'll do a giveaway for that one yet. I only have one copy of it for now. I just might decide to do one though. Kind of like a celebration for each published project.

Have a great week and holiday!


  1. Love the colours and Pom Pom edging. Happy Christmas :-)

  2. Will you be passing along the pattern for the tree skirt?? I love those colors!!!

    1. I actually saw this skirt on the Cherry Heart blog. You can find it in my list of fave blogs. I just looked at the skirt there and guessed at it. You can purchase the pattern there if you think you'll need it.

    2. One more thing... I used worsted weight yarn, a size G hook, and added a lot more rows. I have a live tree so I needed a large opening and more rows to make it at least 56-58 inches in diameter.

  3. Omg! Just saw this. I'm thrilled. Will email now. Thank you!

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  5. I know that this is late, but this is one very beautiful tree skirt and so colorful :0) mari

  6. I know that this is late, but this is one very beautiful tree skirt and so colorful :0) mari

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