Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Tired

I haven't felt like blogging or crocheting/ knitting much lately. With being super swamped at work, keeping up the housework and Ireland finishing the school year... I'm just tired. That's all I know to say. I managed to finish one of the online socks and started the second

I found this berroco sox on eBay for another pair

I also booked a trip to Disney and a Disney cruise. So, thanks to Pinterest, I made this countdown project

She's so excited. I am too. Ahhhh Florida (my favorite state), I can't wait.

The baby chicks are no longer babies

Hopefully I'll become more motivated in the near future. I think what I need is a vacation, but I have six months to wait for that. Sorry for such a depressing post. I don't have the energy to act happy and energetic. I think I just get overwhelmed with all the chores and work that I'm responsible for. My job is mentally tiring. I love it, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I'm the only social worker in the facility with over 160 residents/ patients on my caseload. Outside of work the stinkin housework never ends. The car stays filthy. The weeds never stop growing. And now I have six chickens to take care of thanks to Ireland and Michael. Of course they promised me that they would take care of them...yeah right. That was before Michael started working from dawn to dusk six days a week. (Added to the three outside cats, 1 inside dog, betta fish, and hermit crab). I think I have decided to hire someone to come and help me with the cleaning once or twice a month. I just might deserve that trip to Disney. 

So now that I have moaned and whined and totally depressed you about things you probably know all about....
Have a peaceful week✌️


  1. I think we all go through phases like you've described. Hire a cleaner and gardener. You deserve it. And if it means those chores become less of a mountain, it's worth far more than the money it cost. X

  2. You are not moaning my friend you are being real! And a busy working Mother. taking care of her house and all those critters is going to be exhausted. I know I am and I only work part time. Get help with the house, I finally had to and it has helped me so much to not have to be so crazy with that too.
    Good luck,

  3. Sorry to hear you're tired, I think we all have that from time to time.. Try to take a step back whenever you can, if only it's at night time with a cup of tea.. Or, of course some yarn therapy maybe.. Because your sock looks lovely! Those chicks are growing really fast! So cute!

  4. It makes perfect sense you're tired. Don't feel obligated to put up a post when you're just exhausted. It makes you resent the blog even more to fake it till you make it. Come back renewed and refreshed when you're ready. I enjoy your blog and I'll enjoy it more when you enjoy it. Take some time. We'll be here.

  5. YES! Hire a cleaner! To me it made all the difference and helped a lot. Hope you feel better soon and sending you lots of good wishes from Germany

  6. You need a little help, I think it will be a great weight off your mind to have a cleaner. I've had one a various points when things were too much and the simple relief of coming home to clean house sometimes has lifted disproportionately large clouds of stress.

  7. Yes, hire a house keeper and a gardener if you can, and is there anyway where you work to have another person handle part of that load, that cannot be good for your clients for you to be responsible for 160 people either. You need to rest and if you cannot put up blog entries then that is how it is. Lovely socks!! Beautiful knitting!!