Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Did it Again

Yep... I did it again. I started a new crochet project without finishing one I've been working on.

When I looked outside this morning more new flowers had opened. I love Sunflowers. I did not plant this it must have came from last year.

I love this pretty pinkish-purple one

Sorry if I'm boring you with the flowers, but I'm posting about these more for myself... so I can look back next year and beyond to see what we had. Sort of like a flower or gardening diary.

Today is a lazy day for me. I'm playing around with Instagram (I added a link to the sidebar) and looking back at old photos of vacations...making me want to go somewhere.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.


  1. You are never boring. Love the flowers and the new project.

  2. Flowers are never boring! I really like the last one. I love the colours you picked for your blanket, very "fresh"!

  3. Love the sunflower.
    I read your blog now and then, and you are not boring at all.
    Have a nice Monday.

  4. I'm always starting projects before I've finished the last one. Beautiful sunflower x

  5. Lovely flowers, I use my blog as a reference for my garden each year, checking the dates different flowers open.
    as for starting a new project to soon we are all guilt of that.

  6. Ahh, I do this all the time! I get bored with the bigger projects and start lots of different ones :L I currently have three quaters of a blanket and one slipper!!


  7. That is why I don't make big projects because I get bored easily. Maybe I got ADD ;)

    Cutey Patuty Crochet

  8. Crochet and color are very addictive...the project is looking great and fun ;-)

  9. Pretty photos! Totally not bored with your flower posts! I love everything you post.

  10. Love the colours in your new project. I am the same - can't finish one thing before I start another - I have about five things on the go at present. I'm at and send best wishes from here in the UK. Jane x

  11. Love the colors of your flowers. My lilies are just starting to bud here and I can't wait for their bright flowers!

    Love the colors of your new project as well. Crochet stripes are my fav!

  12. Who cares if you start another thing - life is for making stuff that's what I say. They are great colours together no wonder you couldn't resist. Jo x

  13. I've just started a new crochet project too, even though I have another 3 i'm working on already!

  14. I love the colour combination on your new crochet project and your flowers are gorgeous.