Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Evening With Pearl Jam

A few weeks ago, Pearl Jam came to Charlotte. We had a blast. I just had to share.

My sister and brother-in-law

I know it's not craft related, but I get excited when it comes to Eddie Vedder.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Outer Banks Wedding Trip

Left to Right: step-dad, mom, Michael, me, Ireland, sister, nieces
my beautiful sister and nieces
There are so many photos to go through...I think I'll add more later. During this trip I worked on another Elise shawl (I'm addicted) that I finished 2 weeks ago.

I'll post more photos of the trip later in another post.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unforgettable Hat

I look so excited...I hate having to be in photos
I named this hat Unforgettable because I love the yarn. It's so nice and soft to be acrylic (and easily accessible found in all craft stores and big stores). I love all the colors and have bought skeins of each color available.

Currently, I'm working on three projects with Unforgettable...very inexpensive gifts when you have a lot to make.

Just an FYI: This hat takes a very small amount of yarn to make. I had so much left out of the one skein, I made a pair of fingerless mitts too...with yarn left over. At this time AC Moore has this yarn on sale for $4 a skein. They also have a 50% off coupon, so that makes it about $2-3 for a hat and mitts set. This makes great gifts for hardly any money! 

This hat took less than one skein. You can easily make it more slouchy by adding rounds. It actually ended up a little too slouchy for my taste, but it's okay. If you want it more fitted just crochet about 14 rounds instead of 16...or however many you need. It's easy to adjust.


Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Parrot)
I love Lion Brand Amazing as well (especially Mauna Loa colorway)
Size H (5mm) crochet hook
Yarn Needle

15sts or 8 rows = 4 inches (10cm)


Note: Join each round. Begin each round with ch 3 which will count as a dc.

Ch 4

Round 1: 11 dc in first chain made which will be the 4th ch from hook. The skipped three chains will count as the first dc. Join with sl st in top of first st of rnd.  (12 dc)

Rnd 2: 2 dc in each st. Join (24 dc)

Rnd 3: 2 dc in first st, dc in next st. (2 dc in next st, dc in next st) around. Join (36 dc).

Rnd 4: 2 dc in first st, dc in next 2 sts. (2 dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts) around. Join (48 dc).

Rnd 5: 2 dc in first st, dc in next 3 sts. (2 dc in next st, dc in next 3 sts) around. Join (60 dc).

Rnd 6: 2 dc in first st, dc in next 4 sts. (2 dc in next st, dc in next 4 sts) around. Join (72 dc).

Rnds 7-16: Dc in each st around. Join. Do not finish off.


I love this ribbing method. I don't remember where I learned it. (pattern or someone showing me)

Work ribbing in rows. If you crochet loosely, go down a hook size to G. I crocheted the ribbing rather tightly, so the H hook worked fine for me.

Ch 12

Row 1: sc into one loop of each chain. You will be working back toward the body of the hat. (11 sc). Attach to hat with sl st into the next st on the hat. Sl st into the next st. Ch 1. Turn

Row 2: Skip over the ch and those slip stitches. Sc in the back loop only in each st across. Ch 1, turn. (11 sc)  In the photo below, you can see where I skipped those sl sts and put the first sc in the back loop of the stitch that I'm holding.

Row 3: Sc in back loop only in each st across. Sl st into next 2 sts in the last rnd of the hat. Ch 1, turn.

 In this photo you can see that I am attaching to the last round of the hat. Make sure you do not work into the same stitch that you already have a sl st in.

Rows 4- 71:   Repeat rows 2 and 3. It can be a little tricky at first to skip over those sl st made. Just count your stitches and make sure you only have 11 sc in each row. Remember those slip stitches are only to attach to the hat and not to work in to.

Keep going until you get all the way around.

 Sl st into the last st on the hat and into the join. Now turn and sl st the seam together. I turned the hat inside out and slip stitched into the back loops of each of the joining rows.

Weave ends. All done!

Confused? I'll try to help. Just leave a comment.
As I mentioned before, I made a matching set of mitts with the leftover yarn. I'll get to work on that pattern and try to post next weekend.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Finished Ripple

I forgot to post about my ripple afghan when I finished it.

I am a terrible blanket/ afghan maker. I lose focus and start about 50 other projects before I ever finish these larger ones. It only took me about 2 and half years to finish... That's really sad. I keep telling myself that the Patchwork will get done way before, yeah right, I'm thinking...and I'm sure you are too.

These are not the best photos, so I'll try to take better ones tomorrow. (the dark colors are actually a darker blue and purple). Yes, I broke my own picture taking natural light with these to show the true colors.

I'll also try to come up with a name for the new hat, so I can get that pattern posted.

Happy weekend.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hat Preview

The only good thing about cold weather is the motivation is gives me to crochet. Oh, and to wear all of the things that I've made.

This hat is my latest project. I made it last night while watching tv. It is a super fast project.

I'll post the pattern after I come up with a name and take some better pics.

Now, I think I'll try to respond to comments and emails. I've been so slack about that lately. 

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Friendly Reminder

The title really should read... 'A friendly reminder for most, a not so friendly reminder for some.'

Over the last couple of months I have received several messages from other crocheters. They are letting me know that different people are using my photos for profit.

Especially this Hello Kitty one. I guess I'll have to start using watermarks to prevent this, or locking the photos to prevent them from copying and saving.

Several crocheters trying to make money are taking this photo and putting it on their sites or in their online shops.

So with this in mind, I've decided to spell out my policies regarding my patterns and photos.

I Do allow the sale of items made from patterns found here.

I Do require that you link back to me when selling an item made from my patterns.

I Do Not allow the use of any of my photos.

They are personal and it's Illegal to use any photo for profit or personal use that is not your own.

I will start locking photos and using watermarks on some.

I will report anyone using my photos that do not remove them when asked.

I spend extra time to get good shots... So if that is why they are being stolen, I will give a few tips that I use...for those that may not know already.

If you want to get good shots for your site:

Never take photos at night
Do not use your ruins real color
Always use natural light, but not direct sunlight
Get rid of clutter in the background
Use neutral colors behind colorful items
Take your photos outside or in a room with lots of natural light
Good photos depend on the taker, not the camera (you can use a cell phone and get a good shot with enough light)
Again don't use the flash

And of course only use your own photos...never steal photos or assume it is ok or the person will never see it because they always will.

Of course I don't mind my photos being on social media sites as long as they are linked back to me and not someone else's site.

Just a little FYI for anyone else, there is a person using my photo and at least 4 or 5 other crocheter/designers photos for her own profit. She refuses to take my photo down even after asking her four times. I have tried to be nice.

So head over to Looptyloopz to see if your photo is being used.

She also has a Facebook page called LooptyLoopz. She has deactivated it for now. My intention is not to prevent her from having a shop, just not to use everyone else's hard work for her own profit.

There are several photos there that I recognized as being from other crocheters...The buttoned stripy mitts and Thing 1/ Thing 2 Hats...are two that I remember seeing there.

I did inform her twice that I would be doing a blog post about this and gave her several weeks to correct this issue (but she didn't).

I hate posting negative stuff here, but I am not ok with this. I take a lot of time setting up my shots and do not appreciate people stealing because they don't take time to take good photos.

Not cool

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pillow Or Afghan?

Pillow or afghan is the question. What should I do with the hexagons? 

I'm thinking pillow for now. I am impatient and love those instant gratification projects. Or maybe I could make lots of hexis and make both. That'll take me 2 years...seriously.

I just finished my ripple afghan, finally, after almost exactly 2 years. I just get so bored with the same project.

I thought I would share a pillow that a fellow Raveler, Luisa, made from this pattern. Isn't it pretty?

Raveled here

and here is an afghan made by another Raveler, Andrea.

Raveled here

It's beautiful. I love seeing projects inspired by patterns found here.

I'll try to post some pics of the ripple sometime soon.
Here's one, but it isn't good. I'll try to take better ones.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little Wedding Preview

I just had to share a couple photos of the wedding

We were married in the Outer Banks on Monday September 30th. 

I'm sure you can guess who this is...and look at the bouquet

I love it. My sister did this for me. The photos are also by her.

I'm only sharing a couple of pics because they haven't been edited. The photographer's photos will not be ready for about six weeks.

I just had to share something with you. After editing, I'll update these and share more.

To see a few more, go to my facebook page here

I'll be back soon!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Purple Haze Bag and a Colorful Basket

Here's another bag for the craft fair

This one is made with a round bottom

Homespun yarn doubled...unfortunately with 2 different dye lots as you can tell. Oh well;)

A really fast project

Here is the colorful basket

I'm still working on the stripey bag...maybe I'll finish it this weekend.