Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tuesday Tallies...Early

I just can't seem to make it home early enough on Tuesdays to take photos of my One a Day project. So I've decided to take my photos on the weekend.

I've completed 5 rows. 10 squares for each row makes 50 squares. Check out Gingerbread Girl to see other One A Day projects.

I've started another project....uuugggh. I'm terrible. I get so bored with doing the same thing

I am chevron crazy right now. I can't get enough of them

This chevron pattern is not the Neat Ripple Pattern used for my ripple blanket. I'll post this pattern when I'm finished

Here is another project I've been working on...I need multiple things to do at one time...I wonder if I have ADD?

I'm sure you've seen these printer trays all over Pinterest, Etsy, and other blogs.

I found this printer tray about 2 weeks ago while antique-ing one afternoon after work. (I like to check out the antique shops for mid-century furniture, Cathrineholm kitchenware, and old cameras).

It needs a lot of work before I paint it turquoise and add the hooks. I'll post about this project later. I really need to get focused and finish something...hehe.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh please tell me what you are going to do with the prrinter trays! I have bought three already, "to do something", who knows what. It's just sitting here :-)
    Nice chevron, I like the subtleness - not too spiky.

  2. My goal is to make a jewelry display. Check out this etsy shop. These trays are all over etsy and pinterest

    I hope I can make it work.

  3. that printer trays it´s sooooooo beautifull!!

    Go on with your blanket, it´s great!!


  4. Good progress on your blanket. But I am also like you--I get bored with just one project, especially with big blankets. Your chevron project is looking amazing. Love the colors you chose!

  5. wwwoowwww it's so niiiiceeee!!
    colours are lovely!!

  6. I have three Printer Trays. One displays Kinder Surprise toys (yes... I know), one has random stuff inside like a glass full of beads, a hackysack... and the third is full of my Hello Kitty Collection! I should get a fourth one to put my Doctor Who stuff inside...

  7. Love the blanket so far!
    I am the same projects everywhere....and a notebook full of more ideas, hate to do the same thing twice unless its quick too.
    Just a speedy creative brain I guess? or is it ADD???????????
    bestest daisy j

  8. I really like the colors in your chevron. I just finished a chevron blanket but used just two colors. I like all the variety of yours.

    I love those old printer trays too. Can't wait to see yours all done up!

  9. I also found a printers tray at our secondhand shop nothing like yours, love it just the way it is.