Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Giveaway

Finally...this month's giveaway. Please forgive me. Things here are stressful right now. We've been house hunting and have just bought a house (scroll down for photos). Trying to round up all of the documentation required is so time consuming. Anyway, here's what's up for grabs this month...

I made these from a pattern that can be found on Etsy. It can be found here. I made a couple of pairs and these turned out too small for my feet. 

I changed the design by not adding the back part which would go around the back of the foot.
This pair would fit a size 5.5 - 7.5 US.
So if you are interested in winning this pair of slippers just leave me a comment. I'll randomly choose a winner in a week or so...probably next Sunday (in about 10 days)

Sorry about the blogging inactivity here lately. The house hunt and negotiating has put everything else on hold.

Here's a little preview of the house and land

9.2 acres

Sunroom...I've always wanted one. (These photos show the side of the house. The front is to the left side of the photo below.)

I love weird and different

Not so much for Ireland...this is how she feels about it all:D

She may not be happy about it, but I am. I sure do hope that all goes well (inspection and all) and we can close with no problems.

I'll keep you posted.

Come back in a few days for the Pink Panda hat pattern. I'll have it soon, I promise:)

Don't forget to leave a comment if you would like to win the slippers.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend:)


  1. The slippers look lovely. They look perfect for cool fall mornings.

    The yard looks lovely. Good luck with the house.

  2. Love the new house. Can't wait to see more of it.

    I'd love some slippers

  3. Oh my goodness,the house and the garden are sooooo beautiful,and you sweet cryin' princess too!!The slippers are really cute,I want to partecipate too!!! :)

  4. Those slippers are just my size :) Lovely home too. Very nice yard. Looks peaceful! Best wishes on your new home!

  5. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 3 post on Aug. 30, 2012. Thanks again.

  6. Love the slippers! Sign me up for the give away! The house looks nice! I hope everything goes smoothly for you all!

  7. Cool house! Beautiful grounds! Hope everything goes well and smoothly. Love your blog. I would love the cute shoes. I would love to see it they would work for my "hard-to-fit-footed" daughter. They size is right, sooo.

  8. Love crocheted slippers and those would be perfect for Fluffy (one of my daughters) so please put me in for the drawing.

  9. Love the slippers but they are too small for me. Great job on the new house, I love the different angles. Ireland will adjust to the whole thing as long as you and Dad are there she will be okay.

  10. I love the slippers!

    Best wishes with your house!

  11. the slippers are soooo cute. they are just my size and color. thanks for this chance.

  12. Such cute slippers. They would make a great gift for my daughter!

  13. Adorable slippers, please enter me in your sweepstakes. Great gardens in your soon to be new home :)

  14. Love the slippers and the house! Just finished the hello kitty hat too! But things are even better when someone else makes them! LOL

  15. Blue is a great color for slippers and you did a great job crocheting them. Please enter me in the drawing for them. Thanks Cindy

  16. Hey Liz! Unfortunately, the slippers would never fit me.:) So, if you pull my name from the comments, just pull another. I am writing to tell you that I sent you an email recently, and I am also writing to tell you that I love your new house! I hope that the sale goes through if this is what you want. It looks really beautiful! Is it in the same town that you live in now? Further out in the country? Why in the world would Ireland not like living out there? Put a pool in the ground or build a deck around an above ground pool, and she will be fine. :) She just needs a car.. LOLOL.. Anyway, I am giving Katie her Jellybean today. I will send you a picture of her with it. I also absolutely MUST get the rest of your knitted stuff to you. I keep saying that I am going to, and I totally get buried in something else. I understand the house hunting/contract signing/closing/inspection rat race. We did it about 7 years ago, and I really don't care to do it again.. It was SO stressful!

    Congratulations on your new home! I am sure that you will love it for many years to come! If you don't already own one, you may want to look into getting a riding lawn mower.. 9+ acres is a LOT to have to maintain! We only have 4.36 acres, of which about 1 acre was cleared for our house and surrounding land.. Arno, my husband, says that he wants to install AstroTurf so that he doesn't have to mow it! It does became tedious, especially in the summer. However, I love our little house set way back from the road.. :)

    Take care..

  17. Hey Linda,

    I'm not sure if I got your email. I'd have to go back and look. I really hope Katie loves Jellybean. I'm very slowly working on Peeps. I would love to see a photo with her and Jellybean.

    About the is about 20 minutes from where we live now, only 10 minutes from my job. We both already own separate pieces of property and have to have a riding mower. We live on 3.5 acres which all has to be mowed. I think we'll have to hire someone to mow for us for this and the other property... Unless we get tenants and they will mow. The new house has 4 acres cleared and 5 that is wooded with a stream. This will give Michael an excuse to buy a new zero turn.

    Don't worry about rushing to mail out the knitted stuff. You know it takes me forever to mail my stuff for you.
    Again, I hope Katie loves the bunny.
    Talk to you soon,

  18. Gracias por publicarlos estas hermosos sus trabajos
    la sigo