Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Girly Mitts

I know...I know... this is supposed to be a crochet blog right... well I just couldn't resist. I love to knit and had to share this pattern. My daughter, Ireland, is 3 yrs old (almost 4) and she loves fingerless mitts. I made her a pair last year and she wanted another pair in a brighter pink color.

These can also work for boys as well with a different color of course.

This pattern is so easy... and only takes minutes if you are a real knitter. If you are like me... a wanna-be... it might take a little longer.

These are worked from the wrist up with no ribbing

4 Size 6 dpns
worsted weight yarn (I used Caron Simply Soft Brites)

Fits a child ages 3-5
If you would like a smaller or larger size just go up or down in needle size


Cast on 20

K in the round for 10 rnds

Rnd 11: Make 1, K 10, Make 1, K 10 (22 sts)

Rnd 12: Make 1, K 11, Make 1, K 11 (24 sts)

K in the rnd for 2 more rnds

Now you will create the thumb opening working in rows

1st row: Turn, K 2, P 20, K 2

2nd row: Turn, P 2, K 20, P 2

Repeat last 2 rows 2 times more

Resume working in the round, K each st

Bind off in K

You can add an edging to the thumb holes with a knitted edge or round of single crochet ... or leave as is.

I had to add a crocheted edge (size E hook and 18 sc) because my opening was kinda sloppy...and I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my projects.

Please let me know if you find any issues or problems with the instructions... I am not very experienced with writing knitting patterns



  1. Maybe this time I can comment! (I'm having issues, lol)
    Nice to meet you Liz, I'm Chrystal. I love the little wristers, I hope to make some soon! I love that they're small and simply made. I'm also a crocheter/wannabe knitter. I have a blog at and I make little owl hats too! :)

  2. Hi Chrystal,
    Nice to meet you. Thanks and I hope you and your little ones like the mitts.

  3. Hi Liz, I was wondering how many rows to knit after the thumb hole is finished. I'm an auntie so I don't have the little one here to help. And thanks for the easy, straight and simple pattern, I've been searching for a while.

  4. Are these knitted in the "watermelon" shade?

  5. Do you know what your gauge was for this? I generally knit small so I'm wondering if I need to go up in needle size. :-/

  6. This design and hand and are just so trendy and beautiful too. I will love to buy this as I am not that perfect to make this one so perfectly. Thanks for the details too.