Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Love...With Turquoise & Red

I'm lovin turquoise right now. Especially with red and orange and green....and any other color. Here is a sneak peek of my latest project. It is not quite ready yet...but it will be very soon. and I will post the pattern for FREE...Probably in a day
or two.

Until then, I wanted to share a few more of my colorful likes and loves...especially with turquoise and red.

This is one of my favorites on Etsy. Surfs Up...Look at the colors...I definitely want this.

This beautiful poppy painting is hanging on my wall above my kitchen table and is from the same talented artist here on Etsy. The colors are soooo vibrant...just my style.

These pictures just do not do the painting justice.

Another Fave are these gorgeous earrings. Crochet and beads...together... I really want these too.

How awesome are these...

And these dishes...

I could go on and on with the turquoise and red

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  1. These are lovely pictures and wonderful creations. I am also in love with the crochet earrings. They look captivating. Where are they available?