Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finally Another Post

I'm still here. I bet you were beginning to wonder. I've been busy doing other not so crafty things. Ireland started first grade...

the first day
She also started cheerleading

Of course we've been consumed with planning for Disney. I'm absolutely obsessed. We leave at the end of October.
we're actually at 47 days and counting now
I've been crafting a little with the countdown above, and a couple of shirts...

and of course the pirate costume for Pirate Night on the cruise ship

I think I'm more excited than Ireland. I've bought everything Disney... costumes, backpacks for the parks, glow sticks, shoes for walking, Smash book supplies, lanyards, pins for trading, and more.

So you see, there has been little time for crocheting or knitting socks. Now I'm obsessed with planning the excursions, and hotel the night before the cruise, and dining plans at Disney World. We are going on the 3 day cruise to the Bahamas first. Then we'll go over to Disney World for 6 days. I wish we could squeeze in a day to go over to Tampa and Clearwater Beach. We'll see.

I can't wait. 

Oh, I forgot to show you Michael's finished project of Ireland's room. That will be the next post. He has recently started a new one. He's now staining the exterior of the house.

Until next time,