Monday, April 21, 2014

Finally Baby Chicks

Ireland has been begging for baby chicks for a very long time... we finally gave in

Michael worked all weekend on a chicken coop and I tried to educate Ireland and myself on how to take care of them. I also tried to explain to her that the babies would grow into chickens

She didn't care to hear all of that... all she sees are cute little things. We got these on Saturday and they seem to be growing like crazy. It may be my imagination but I'm sure they are already slightly bigger. They are Rhode Island Reds... I heard the eggs are the best. Hopefully they will survive and grow into chickens and will still let Ireland pet and hold them.

Sunday we spent the day with my family. I took a couple of pics and really love this one

 I've been pretty busy so progress on the socks has been slow

I really messed up the gusset, but there is no way that I'm going back. I'll just have to remember to mess up the second one, so they'll match. Maybe I can show more in a few days.

Have a peaceful week

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring and Wool Socks

Spring and wool socks...what a combination
I've been enjoying the wonderful weather here in NC. I'm soooo happy that spring has finally arrived, but all I'm motivated to do is knit these socks that I've started. I'll go outside and weed the flower beds for like...10 minutes, and then come back inside or go to the porch swing to work the socks. Addicted!
This self striping sock yarn is addictive. It makes you want to keep going to see each stripe form.
 My worsted ones are also coming along. The second one has been started.
  I worked on the striped ones yesterday while watching Ireland at gymnastics. These are the perfect take anywhere project. Speaking of Ireland and gymnastics, here she is proudly showing off her new leotard. She wanted me to take her pic
We switched gyms last week. I really hope she learns alot here. I'm just as excited as she is, and I hope this is an activity that she will continue to love to do. I really don't mind going on Saturday mornings. It gives me an uninterrupted hour to crochet or knit.

And here is the pitiful hydrangea that I mentioned in my previous post. Who knows if the poor thing will even bloom this year. It's trying to form little green sprouts, so maybe it'll be ok.
Michael, uuuggghhh!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Worsted Socks

I've crocheted nothing in this past week. Instead I started a pair of worsted socks
When I received my swap package with the Cushy Chroma sock pattern, I knew I wanted to make a pair. Worsted weight yarn produces such a fast project. So here I am with one done and getting ready to cast on the second.

This one fits great. The only moderation from the pattern was with the cuff. I only wanted an inch or so of ribbing. A little boring to look at, but good practice for me. I need to work on the kitchener stitch and losing the little hole on each side of the ? whatever that is called. (still learning the sock terms)

These are not the prettiest, but the next pair will be more colorful. I've already started another pair (remember I have crafting ADD) using ONline Supersocke.

I think I am addicted
As I "speak", Michael is outside butchering my plants again.  He was so proud as he showed me his "trim job" of the hydrangea in front of the house. It's about a foot tall now. What am I going to do with him? It was getting ready to grow green and bloom. I would post a picture, I still might.

Have great Sunday!