Saturday, September 29, 2012

More of Your Chunky Baskets

I just had to share some more of the beautiful baskets that you all have created. Considering this time of year, these baskets are a good idea for holding candy or gifts, or to be created specifically as a gift. I love the colors. The first one is so pretty.

How gorgeous is this green? This was made by Romina from Madrid, Spain. I have to say...Romina totally inspires me. Check out her blog She is amazing

I also love the neutral colors used in these...

These look so much like my own version, but made by Sophie, from France,

and this one ...made by Stof, Go on over and check this blog out...there you will find a tutorial on how to recycle t-shirts or sheets to create yarn

these colors look so autumny; know what I mean. This one was made by Carol from Wakefield, MA.

and these were made by my dear Meredith, She added some pretty embellishments

this one by the creative Ali,

this altered version is so cool, made by Simona from the Czech Republic. She's giving me some ideas here

keep sending me your links...I love to share. I may add some more later. The pattern for this basket is here on my blog.

Today I'm finishing a pattern to post tomorrow so check back with me then.

Oh, and by the way, has anyone seen Sandra K, the winner of the slippers? She hasn't claimed her prize.

Sandra K if you find this post please send me your info so I can send your slippers to you;D

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tie Dye Project

This weekend I stumbled upon a quick project...

Tie Dyes!!!

I went to get my hair highlighted on Saturday and ran into the Harvest Festival. The tie dyes caught my eye so I just had to stop. I intended to buy a couple for myself and Ireland, but the ladies from Parties2dye4 talked me into making my own. 
I've never made tie dye shirts before and thought that it would be really difficult. I had the easy part. The ladies there did the actual folding and rolling and rubber banding. I put the dye on the shirts. Then brought them home letting them sit in the bags for 6 hours. Then Ireland and I rinsed them out and threw them in the wash for 2 complete washes and then to dry. 

Ireland's design is a heart. I think it looks pretty cute.

I wanted the Classic Swirl

They turned out much better than I expected. I sure hope they don't fade too much. Anyone have any ideas for how to keep the colors vibrant? Every time I buy a tie dye they fade a lot. The ladies told me that they shouldn't fade. I hope they are right.

I might just have to try the entire process myself. I would love to have another shirt with pinks and purples or blues and greens.

Today I'll be working on the Pink Panda Pattern...been dragging my feet on that one;D

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Winner For the August Giveaway

I know I am a day late with the announcement of the winner of the August giveaway. That seems like the story of my life at the moment:D

Here is the prize for this (last) month's drawing...

So I used and generated the winning number. I threw out 3 comments and the winning number is...10

The 10th commenter is Sandra K Williams

Congrats Sandra K:)

Please send me your contact info

Thanks to all for your nice comments and have a great week!